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Turns out the Russians have actual stealth tech that works on the Zircon missile πŸ”—

US technological inferiority continues to be glaring.
During the 1960s, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) funded a project to reduce the RCS of U.S. reconnaissance planes, specifically the Lockheed A-12, which supposedly made use of a cesium-laced fuel additive to significantly reduce its engine’s radar signature, and an electron beam to generate a cloud of ionization in front of the air intakes to help conceal its entire rear aspect from radar waves. The system was tested but was never deployed operationally.
I suspect this kind of ionization works quite well with supercavitation as well.

Vax mandate stopped by the courts for now πŸ”— 1636299789  

Media reaction cancer as expected:
it was troubling that a federal appeals court would stop or delay safety rules in a health crisis, saying no one has a right to go into a workplace β€œunmasked, unvaxxed and untested.” β€œUnelected judges that have no scientific experience shouldn’t be second-guessing health and safety professionals at OSHA,” he said.
As if pencil-neck bureaucrats are any better than the gowned clowns. The lot of 'em should be thrown in the woods, preferably in a shallow pit filled with drano.

Freddie DeBoer accidentally figures out why politics has become so deranged πŸ”—

The tragedy, to me, is that the socialist left has no history not because no one is willing to teach but because leftist social culture makes the young and inexperienced believe that it’s shameful to need to be taught.
Welcome to the gynocentric social order where you have to "just get it". I suspect this is also a lot of what is behind people wanting to go "post-libertarian", as our side has not been immune to this tidal wave of doctrinaire morons.

How "essential" is the email job caste πŸ”— 1635952538  

one of the bright spots of COVID, at least for me, has been a reduction of in-person interactions with many of these management types. My company office hasn’t had a safety meeting in over a year, and I haven’t seen an area manager nor middle manager in the same time. And guess what? The workβ€”the real workβ€”still got done, and despite everything going on, our customers remained warm.

If we are going to have a collective discussion about β€œthe working class,” it might be time to consider keeping these managers and enforcers away from us on a more permanent basis, given that they produce little of value and do not improve our lives in any way. In an economy made increasingly zero-sum by forces beyond our control, those in the β€œe-mail job” caste are literally taking money out of a pie which would be more deservedly enjoyed by the families who do the actual work.
Can't agree more

Google antitrust suit damning πŸ”— 1635883608  

El reg is quite mad:
Looking through the lawsuit, the scope and shamelessness of Google's greed would appear to be stark. Project Bernanke, for example, is claimed to take data from publishers' ad servers to boost Google's own services. Project NERA, to create a "not owned but operated" walled garden for users if they used any Google service. "Project Jedi" was allegedly meant to freeze out independent ad exchanges by using insider knowledge, and in "Jedi Blue", Google is alleged to have conspired with Facebook to parcel out the goodies between themselves.
How much does this matter? "Online advertising promotes journalism," except journalism is dying. The money's gone. Where's it gone? Does Google have all the money? It takes up to 42 per cent of the cut from ad money that goes through it, alleges the filing, 42 per cent that can't be spent on content providers like journalists.

Russian food production quite strong πŸ”— 1635883177  

Nice to see them thriving.

Vax mandates going about how you expect πŸ”— 1635882221  

Workers saying "F this" en masse

Meanwhile in Sudan πŸ”— 1635863070  

USG installs yet another compliant set of puppets.

Shipping crisis continues to get worse, and can't be fixed anytime soon πŸ”—

little to no capital investment over the last 20 years to increase intake capacity commensurate with demand. Welcome to the vampire economy:
What it will truly take to fix this problem is to run EVERYTHING 24/7: ports (both coastal and domestic),trucks, and warehouses. We need tens of thousands more chassis, and a much greater capacity in trucking.
This can only be fixed by either going full NAZI (which eventually fails anyways) or a crippling recession that crucifies demand. So guess which one we're getting.

Reno Kops ban whips πŸ”— 1635861456  

They're confusing our gunshot I mean lightning detectors!

Eternal September in academia πŸ”— 1635702370  

Like everywhere else, it's a crapflood and the only way to get ahead is to SEO rather than be interesting or correct.

Idiocracy effect measurable and real πŸ”— 1635472185  

AMZN engaged in huge levels of wage theft when it comes to leaves πŸ”— 1635253771  

They don't pay ADP authors as per contract either. They seem to systematically believe they can get away with anything thanks to being the size and scope of a government, and are not incorrect.

Omidyar bankrolling the WhistleGlower πŸ”— 1635253620  

As expected, it's essentially a cynical talking of his own book. I had a feeling Facebook was correct to internally regard this as enemy action by competitors.

As expected from day 1, COVID is an indoor ventilation crisis πŸ”— 1635253523  

Actually fixing this would have enriched blue collar America instead of big pharma dipshits connected in DC, so it isn't even considered.

FIB's manual for getting data from telcos leaked πŸ”— 1635200749  

Of course it's all academic, as it's just for establishing parallel construction on the back of dragnet surveillance data they already have.

GDPR implies UTF-8 by law πŸ”—

The march of governments essentially dictating implementation details grinds on. Expect this to get worse until full licensure is imposed. Just wait until some sheenequa names their kid πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Bunga behind bars no more πŸ”— 1634922914  

Bunga BEYOND bars

DEA and their pet journos hyperventilating about meth again πŸ”— 1634831306  

Like the CDC is clutching pearls about teen vaping again.

The modern world of sperm donation πŸ”— 1634830504  

6'4 bums with soft-harems of over the hill women. This is the future; reversion to the mean of 1/20 men living to reproduce. Gals have made their bed voting for policies that made traditional fatherhood untenable, now they get to sleep in that bed.

OSHA looking the other way at vax injuries πŸ”— 1634822038  

In the name of the mandate. Remember, when you have rulers, there are no rules.

Why the beef market has become dysfunctional πŸ”—

The traditional mechanism for price discovery was removed, and now the most powerful force (large packers) largely get their way at the expense of ranchers. There is no functional difference from a centralized planning point of view between having a few monopolies dominate an industry or GOSPLAN.

Market leverage update πŸ”— 1634574330  

Cruisin' for a bruisin' once more

China gets a FOBS, and a space shuttle πŸ”— 1634574023  

The FOBS makes sense given the ABM treaty is dead. We'll see if they use the boosters to make a space station, as should have been done with the US shuttle.

Where have all the children gone? πŸ”—

Finally, somebody who gets it. A world where children are a financial penalty rather than an essential asset to the family is one where having them is not going to happen. His understanding of the urban vs. rural divide is also spot on. He's got another essay here going into more depth. His halted revolution is a spot on description of what us techies have seen over the life of the internet.

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