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NSA backdoor in Juniper router being hacked by Chinese πŸ”— 1630885561  

This is why you don't put in backdoors, especially stupid ones mandated by laws like CALEA

USG crying about their dragnet surveillance mechanisms being used against them πŸ”— 1630885337  

By the Taliban. This is an important reason to not use this useless garbage in the first place.

CASSIE gets a torso πŸ”— 1630617373  

Nice to see this get commercialized.

China going hard against the globohomo πŸ”— 1630611688  

American cultural subversion is especially virulent; it's subverting itself as we speak

Elite GWOT narrative shifting to Africa πŸ”— 1630611555  

Pharmacy theft rings: Fencing on AMZN πŸ”— 1630610527  

This reminds me of a construction equipment theft gang in SE oklahoma when I was learning to Fly. It was actually pretty obvious flying over it, and it made me wonder enough to look into it. A few months after finding out nothing I heard they got busted and it made sense. IIRC they were moving the stuff online as well.

CDC-FDA turf war brewing πŸ”— 1630610385  

Nothing like a good bureaucrat sissy fight

Chinese SPOT πŸ”—

Compare here. Pretty straightforward reverse-engineer, looks like.

State of the art in jet boots πŸ”— 1630420508  

Elon's latest vaporware: Robots? πŸ”— 1630420415  

This can actually work better than car autonomy. Based on their prior record, expect something real in maybe 4 years.

ATLAS learns new tricks πŸ”— 1630420278  

Jim Schutze's book gets published πŸ”— 1630343560  

The history is correct, but the forward-going conclusion and hopefulness was not. The council gave up on white supremacy in favor of thorough corruption. While the ideology has changed, the Good Ole Boy network is still the operational principle. Houston works much the same way, right down to the history.

Prohibition in Imperial Russia πŸ”— 1630342447  

Was as much of a disaster as you would expect.

US to continue it's role as the Taliban's air force πŸ”— 1630341910  

Attacking Daesh Khorasan, which is likely just pashtun tribes that don't play ball.

Israel gives Biden the cold shoulder πŸ”— 1630341612  

Not shocking, they know the only serious opposition to the Israelis comes from the Jewish left in America.

Ramaphosa reins in the spooks πŸ”— 1630341401  

Interesting that they were weak enough to get clapped. What comes next will be interesting to say the least.

On AI, Data Hoarding and Privacy πŸ”— 1630340131  

This is, by the way, the dirty secret of the machine learning movement: almost everything produced by ML could have been produced, more cheaply, using a very dumb heuristic you coded up by hand, because mostly the ML is trained by feeding it examples of what humans did while following a very dumb heuristic. There's no magic here. If you use ML to teach a computer how to sort through resumes, it will recommend you interview people with male, white-sounding names, because it turns out that's what your HR department already does. If you ask it what video a person like you wants to see next, it will recommend some political propaganda crap, because 50% of the time 90% of the people do watch that next, because they can't help themselves, and that's a pretty good success rate.
Pretty much. AI is just a mirror, and the twerps just don't like what they see.
The brilliant bit here is that each of the trackers has a bit of data about you, but not all of it, because not every tracker is on every web site. But on the other hand, cross-referencing individuals between trackers is kinda hard, because none of them wants to give away their secret sauce. So each ad seller tries their best to cross-reference the data from all the tracker data they buy, but it mostly doesn't work. Let's say there are 25 trackers each tracking a million users, probably with a ton of overlap. In a sane world we'd guess that there are, at most, a few million distinct users. But in an insane world where you can't prove if there's an overlap, it could be as many as 25 million distinct users! The more tracker data your ad network buys, the more information you have! Probably! And that means better targeting! Maybe! And so you should buy ads from our network instead of the other network with less data! I guess!

None of this works. They are still trying to sell me car insurance for my subway ride.
Recommendation engines are highly context dependent. I don't read news with the idea I'm gonna buy shit. I do watch videos with the idea I may watch more.
When I heard this was also when I learned the word "satisficing," which essentially means searching through sludge not for the best option, but for a good enough option. Nowadays Netflix isn't about finding the best movie, it's about satisficing. If it has the choice between an award-winning movie that you 80% might like or 20% might hate, and a mainstream movie that's 0% special but you 99% won't hate, it will recommend the second one every time. Outliers are bad for business.
Yet again reiterating that AI can't do better than recommend what we already empirically are shown to like. It's such a mirror we don't realize it later in the same article.

How managers screw up Auftragstrategik πŸ”— 1630338878  

Make it feel like Taylorism by having missions other than making money by doing less work or making better products

Taibbi on the wars πŸ”— 1630338751  

under the influence of captured parties and the military’s ubiquitous and extravagantly funded public relations apparatus, America has itself redefined the β€œnature of war.” Armed conflict has gone from being an occasional unpleasant political necessity to the core product line of the American corporation. Wars are what we make, and like blue jeans or Louisville Sluggers, we build them to last, with Afghanistan the prime example.
Whooooa, like I-Raq! Built Ford Tough

Scott Horton interviews Eric Margolis on next steps in Afghanistan πŸ”— 1629765123  

The next NATO move is likely to side with the Taliban in an attempt to make a muja menace against china (Uyghurs) and Russia (Uzbeks).

Next steps for the Taliban πŸ”— 1629741196  

Quickly building ties with their neighbors and deflecting NATO excuses for "humanitarian intervention".

Debunking Elite revisionism about them falling for OBL's gambit πŸ”— 1629649206  

As always excellent work by Scott Horton

How the lizard people took over america's war πŸ”— 1629514353  

Twenty years. All that exists of this century. As I have written elsewhere, the war was a total failure, by any measure, perhaps the great failure of our age, the nexus of all the malignant forces precipitating American declineβ€”End of History delusions, failed leadership, the ascendant Human Rights NGO complex, public-private self-dealingβ€”venal, arrogant, brain-dead, sclerotic, unaccountable in every aspect. We will likely learn nothing from this catastrophe. Our leadership class will not be chastened by it. They will not reconsider their magical thinking. They will simply redirect it elsewhere. Probably at home. There is already talk of forgetting the terrorists in Afghanistan so we can fight the terrorists on our own soil.

In case there is any doubt, they are referring to you and me. They are referring to anyone who doubts their mandate to rule over us. What comes next will likely be far worse than what preceded it, if equally deranged. And though the architects of this failed war might not take any lessons from Afghanistan, we can. The Pashtun persevered because they had the will to do so. Because they had God on their side.

Hold the line. Call their bluff. They will blink first. The weaker hand always does.

Requiem for the 'stan πŸ”— 1629495902  

Great essay by a veteran. In'shallah the fall of the capital will be the next thing the empire brings home.

Magnetic fields at a distance πŸ”— 1629493943  

Interesting implications for the SPARC reactor.

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