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The Doge πŸ”— 1606411433  

Review: Lying for Money πŸ”— 1685712774  

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When I say "Fraud is the Fundamentals" this is what I mean

Autoimmune causes of Mental Illness? πŸ”— 1685628908  

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Groundbreaking work. Glad to see actual progress here after so much failure.

Greyzone reporter gets "the treatement" in Bongistan πŸ”— 1685551159  

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Spy hysteria in full bloom on the other side of the pond.

Slobber Ukraine πŸ”— 1685039846  

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If the USA was serious about "Slava"ing the lives of the Ukranians and Rus in general their policy would be very different than it is now. USG is supporting the Ukranian state which is unworthy of the sacrifice of even a single Ukranian.

Guns need men to fire them, and America is the most attractive place for people to migrate to. It would be straightforward to drain both belligerents' manpower pool with immigration policy such that combat operations are not viable. This is one of the core reasons the Soviet Union collapsed; the Berlin wall was the poster child for this. When a nation has to become a prison of serfs to keep things together its army quickly becomes incapable of anything beyond garrison duty. This is because a) that's costly and b) their best and brightest figure out quickly that an ounce of exit beats a ton of voice.

Instead what will we get? Tons of Rus boys get to enjoy the mobik to hamburger pipeline. Hordes of these young men that go fey will destabilize the region for a generation. All the contractors selling $31 million dollar blue tarps here will get away with it scott free, further damning these places to corruption. Millons of acres of land will be poisoned with heavy metals, and generations of people will end up missing legs thanks to landmines. Don't make me get Billy Mays out here, because just wait, there's more.

Anyone who thinks war through quickly figures out the worst peace beats the best war. People don't think it through because that would require a certain bell curve to be a standard deviation to the right of where it actually is. The discourse as such is deoxylated "military intelligence". If the above sentence requires explanation, here's your sign.

America could play a non-malign role on the world stage. That would require a level of intelligence that is clearly not here.

Hell, they can't even manage competently malign! USG may have the best weapons systems on earth, but its pearls before swine. These west point droolers hardly even use transformative weapons that are in the stockpile! They'd rather pretend these systems don't exist so they can keep zipping around in tanks and attack helicopters oblivious to the risk posed thereby. Meanwhile they waste hundred thousand dollar missiles blowing up $300 trucks rather than expose themselves to danger in these expensive boat anchors. But hey, at least they get to go home safe blowing up some shit 200km away that is as likely to be the milkman as Osama Bin Laden. I'm sure strategic hamlets will work this time. We just need to COIN harder guise.

Meanwhile the mainstream discourse is that it would somehow be "bad for America" if we don't smear such incompetence over the entire world. In reality, the reason the 20th Century went so well for the USA was because we largely allowed the war idiots to enervate themselves. Their loss was our gain. If the world descends back into chaos (which is far from guaranteed) we would be better than fine so long as we stay out of it. This of course won't happen, and China gets to laugh all the way to the banks in Taipei and Hong Kong.

The Matthew 5:5 strategy remains 100% vindicated. Stay strapped and hydrated my friends.

Why do the middle class not get in fights anymore? πŸ”— 1685024493  

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Yet more effects of the Internet being your "Permanent Record". Goobers obsessed with playing Junior G-Man E-Detective have prevented many companies from hiring perfectly good workers. The workers have got the message loud and clear that the job is to be a crab in a bucket.

What shocks me is that school fights have decreased too. This is despite things becoming far, far worse of a prisonlike environment than it used to be! This "Zero Tolerance" crap is just breaking childrens' spirits.

The latest in "green" energy πŸ”— 1684259895  

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Burning Tires

Why pakistan's Crises are guaranteed πŸ”— 1683721030  

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Like most countries, it's being run by gangsters doing a bust-out.

China in 2022 πŸ”— 1683659856  

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As usual Dan Wang's roundup is quite insightful.

Shenanigans in Pakistan πŸ”— 1683653079  

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Bankrupt government, looming famine and illegitimate arrest of the most popular pol. Dis cant go wrong. Color revolution soon? If so most suspect the military will cry to China or even make a "deal with the devil" (India) for protection.

ASML correctly notes the DUV blockade is retarded πŸ”— 1682712216  

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β€œIf they cannot get those machines, they will develop them themselves,” he said in an interview. β€œThat will take time, but ultimately they will get there… The more you put them under pressure, the more likely it is that they will double up their efforts.”
USG acts like the people in Taiwan don't have families over in Fujian, and a strong incentive to get recruited to assist the Chinese build this expertise. Invincible ignorance.

File Not Found: On a generation unfamiliar with basic indexing techniques πŸ”— 1682705267  

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N'wahs who aren't even aware there are generic indexes at work and then wondering why shit is so inefficient.

Russian Army corruption roundup πŸ”— 1682614983  

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As I've mentioned previously, they're slavic USA, which means they also have the "$35 million dollar blue halliburton tarp" disease.

Tucker Carlson, the spurned elite πŸ”— 1682614475  

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Tucker is more of a symptom of the ongoing intra-elite war. A large faction is already coalescing around the Silicon Valley VCs who realize the system ain't working. Tucker is just a shark swimming toward blood.

Why mastodon is a failure πŸ”— 1682613857  

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If mastodon is to be the poster child of the fediverse it needs to drastically simplify the requirements to run and maintain an instance. There should be a single binary, self-updating, single-user instance.
It's the tragedy of the commons. The core problem to crack is how to make the costs bearable by the users themselves.

The origin of Lager Yeast πŸ”— 1682607491  

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Hybridization thanks to Max the Great of Bavaria, who is more famous for being one of the causes of the league wars.

Tablet interviews RFK πŸ”— 1682450984  

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On his 2024 run and life in general.

Anti-Russia blockade being considered πŸ”— 1682019122  

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Such an evil measure, once adopted, will guarantee world war 3.

Race and violent crime: by the numbers πŸ”— 1682013791  

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This has been known for years, but people need periodic reminders that women choosing not to breed with irresponsible but attractive men is what prevents young hoodlums. So long as our matriarchy encourages what Rollo calls retroactive cuckoldry this situation will not change even with stepfathers involved, as personality is largely heritable.

Insane new mortgage rules from Fannie and Freddie πŸ”— 1682010058  

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Mortgage mills 2 da gas chamber

The Subaks of Bali πŸ”— 1682009158  

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Great example of how centralized economic planning fails, while subsidiarity and the market actually work. This is the sort of system the Syndicalists generally prefer (for good cause) and why "Market Syndicalism" is a thing amongst those who realize nonmonetary compensation is in fact one of the major means by which markets actually function. In this case, synchronized plantings increasing yields due to pest suppression is more valuable than the marginal utility of more water for the upstream planters, so they gladly release the water downstream.

The CIA's false flag operation to recruit the 9/11 Highjackers πŸ”— 1681927422  

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Pretty damning evidence that CIA had full foreknowledge of the plot, and tried to pin the failures on the bureau, who as we know covered everything up.

Major viral protection mechansim behind a good deal of aging πŸ”— 1681414518  

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20% lifespan increase when modulated. Trouble is, you'd modulate with an HDAC like Valproate...which necessarily means reduced ability to fight off viral infection. Appears the big function of the histone modulation here is to avoid viral replication by processing DNA more sloppily on purpose. Saves your life immediately at the cost of reducing your overall lifespan.

As expected, a bunch of leaks about Ukraine are likely a limited hangout πŸ”— 1681398801  

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The second I heard discord, I knew this is feds

RNC crazies wanna do COIN south of the border πŸ”— 1681153209  

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One weird trick to wake up to VBIED attacks in major Texas cities. Were I in AMLO's position I would seriously considering using those nationalized lithium reserves to build H-Bombs.

Lolsuits are the deep state πŸ”— 1681144697  

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On l'etat's favored divide et empera of late. This is specifically how they've dragooned every business into being unpaid Junior G-Men. The same techniques can easily be used to abolish the entire bill of rights in practice. Spooner has always been right about the constitution of no authority.

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