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Congress clowns: auto-censor plz 🔗 1616943589  

Treat us like all them enemy combatants overseas. Empire comes home.

Strange UAVs buzzing US Destroyers 🔗 1616772762  

My my, sounds like the navy brass got their panties in a bunch over this one.

SSC on the censorship brouhaha 🔗

Sorta buys the argument libertarians are inconsistent because "they're a private company, hurr durr". Look, I say let 'em. These big tech companies are well known .gov collaborators and absolute rascals. I encourage them fully to engage in as much anti-market behavior as possible, in order to hasten their march into the grave. Evolutionary things like libertarian free markets require strong signals, and "get woke, go broke" is the best.

CIA et al openly spying domestically 🔗 1616602077  

You love it, slave

Another reason not to be in California 🔗 1616519195  

Just squat in the house you sell to never have to give it up but enjoy the money from the sale. EZ money

Yarvin's take on COVID is fully bogus 🔗

Extreme authoritarianism works, because viruses aren’t magic. Extreme libertarianism works, because a naked, completely unleashed market can adapt as fast as any virus. We have inductive evidence for authoritarianism. We have to deduce libertarianism. We can still argue about the moderate window between them—but we know it sucks.

Moreover, what if even these concepts of libertarianism and authoritarianism trap us within a simplistic frame? They seem to be opposites—but they both work. Suppose we could construct some kind of five-dimensional political geometry under which they were actually one thing? Libertarian authoritarianism might work even better…
Maybe, just maybe the deaths are good, and you shouldn't try to stop it? Maybe evolutionary pressure is the answer to retroviral phenomena? Nobody wants to hear this take, it's too real.

Looks like things are shaping up for USA + Turkey alliance on Syria 🔗 1616513566  

As expected, the only way they could get it done and save face while hating on Russia is to throw the YPG under the bus.

JPM: The retail investors are evolving!!!! 🔗 1616441915  

Presumably they are worried that "we no longer require your services" just like with cryptocurrency obsoleting the big banksters.

Stallman back at FSF 🔗 1616424181  

Good. The departure was all stupid kabuki anyways.

IRS arrests Ian Freeman 🔗 1616423733  

Among the accusations is running a satanic bitcoin cult. Sounds about right for the usual hyperbole the MAN slings.

CV19: The West ensures its' death 🔗 1616423631  

Even the Hun fell for it.

USA wasting money on "ship killer missiles" 🔗 1615825292  

A waste of money as usual. Why bother with ship killers when nukes take out the entire fleet?

Terror attack on Iranian Tanker: Israel the Culprit 🔗 1615824731  

Shocked, simply shocked

CV19 mass vaccinations: Cruising for a Bruising 🔗

I would argue that turning it into a "super-virus" via mutation pressure was the point, but I'm a bit paranoid on these things.

The follow up on Cryptogon is also good.

Alex Jones: Lost Laptop with 10k BTC on it 🔗

lulz, no wonder Keiser stopped going on his show

Actual cure for allergies found? 🔗 1615572039  

Great stuff, will BOLO for investments in this vein going forward.

Predictably, calls to "moderate" substack have come 🔗 1615567811  

Greenwald says mean things about us waa

Taibbi: They're not even pretending anymore 🔗 1615567761  

That journos are not just Pravda.

LegalMan's latest is good 🔗 1615229168  

His most important point is essentially this: You don't cut out cancer and then ask "doc, what do I replace it with???"

The rogue process-driven organizations directing society calling themselves government are cancerous. Just cut them out and don't worry about what will replace them, because they don't need to exist in the first place.

Taibbi on "Revolt of the Public" 🔗 1615228838  

Gurri predicted throughout that entrenched authorities would be unable to distinguish between legitimate criticism and illegitimate rebellion. Once they lost control “over the story told about their performance,” they’d denounce clearly factual evidence of public discontent as lies. Gurri would later talk about centralized authority being “institutionally unable to grasp that it has lost its monopoly over political reality.” This in turn would stimulate even more “distrust and loss of legitimacy.”
We can all see how the sausage is made at process driven bureaucries and realize we're fed a bunch of shit. I will do a more long-form addressing of this soon.

HSMC: The chinese semi scam 🔗 1614973236  

5 year plan scam

Unregistered 155: Vin Armani 🔗 1614960982  

Glad Thaddeus finally had Vin on.

Oops: lockdown caused 300k reduction in new births 🔗 1614881278  

That which is not seen...Save some tiny amount of boomer lives which are close to over in exchange for huge numbers of babies never, ever born. Probably the intended effect from the population control loving criminals in charge.

Political Illustration 🔗 1614875596  

Pretty much sums up the current era. Boomers Uber Alles. It's not even conscious, just their typical solipsism.

American Glasnost and Perestroika? 🔗 1614868786  

No idea is dangerous. Many ideas offend power. It always turns out that the ideas which are illegal, because they are dangerous, are the ideas which offend power. But since power is powerful, to offend it is not to endanger it. Nothing can endanger it.

Therefore, when in the spirit of glasnost we state these ideas, we have a special duty not to state them as if they threatened power—for truth is not treason. Glasnost is the right to express any idea—and the duty to express it in the coziest, most harmless way. Actually, when you suggest that your idea is dangerous—you are a collaborator, for this is exactly the official thinking of the regime.

There is no information war. If there was, it is over. The regime won. It always does. The end of war is peace; and in peacetime, no idea is a bullet. When I have ideas that remind me of the bullets of the late war, I go out of my way not to cast them in brass. In particular, I never advocate anything at all.

This is the spirit and strategy of glasnost: not one of tension, but of relaxation. We are entering the peacetime of ideas. But how can we have peace, when some d00d stole Nancy Pelosi’s podium? Surely Belzec is just around the next bend in the tracks… the peacetime of ideas is when nothing matters. We cannot avoid this fate; it is already here.
Do we dare even hope for peace at this point?
Many ideas do offend power. No ideas threaten the powerful—because the powerful, having power, have nothing to worry about. The closest ideas to being dangerous are ideas that the strong should abuse the weak. Power can do nothing about these ideas, because by definition the strong have power.
Globocop do-gooder-ism is essentially the rationalized form of that which is currently en vogue. It is for precisely this reason I am skeptical any party involved even wants peace, save for us cranks. Nevertheless, the path to peace (perestroika) is discussed:
Certainly the easiest way to turn a bottom-up, unaccountable organization into a top-down one is to fire the former and hire the latter. This is not always the best way, but it is often the best way. It is especially likely to be the best way after a prolonged period of unaccountability. If it’s not an option—perestroika isn’t real.
It's funny. For years my grandma has said "we need a dictator" and she's not wrong. At this point there's no alternative way to cut out the cancer.
Perestroika cannot work, and cannot even happen, as a way for one side in America’s class war to dominate the other. It can only happen as a peace measure. Its purpose is to end the cold war by installing an authority that is dedicated to serving all classes. This can only happen if both sides consent to giving up their real or apparent power.

One of the most deeply-held beliefs of Americans is that unless they hold power, they will be oppressed. This is like a cokehead believing that unless he has cocaine, he will be depressed. While it is not evidence of reasonable thinking, nor is it necessarily untrue. And our thinker can marshal plenty of empirical experience to make his case.
Yet another reason I am skeptical of the prospects for peace; we aren't even close to the level of "rock bottom" misery these power junkies would have to experience to even think about throwing the ring into Mount Doom.
If both sides of the public mind can realize that their quarrel is the consequence of a political structure that gives each of them a good reason to fear each other; that they have little or no substantive conflict; and that they have the same principal interest, an effective and accountable government that treats all groups and classes fairly—they have at least the abstract basis for a mutual and stable peace.

Wouldn’t that be nice?
Yeah, sure. Keep dreamin'. Peace is not the goal, but failure in the public's mind. We're far from 100% war exhaustion yet.
It does matter which side the perestroika comes from. But it doesn’t matter a lot. While Trump’s CEO has a huge wave of anti-elite sentiment at his back, he has another huge wave of elite resistance in front of him. Our elites are not violent, of course—but they can still be a quite pain.

Biden’s CEO is more like Gorbachev—since he is a legitimate figure, the sea is calm before and behind him. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. You might object that he’s a lib. It doesn’t matter—the job creates the man. Lee Kuan Yew was a lib. While the lib inherently has more to learn, what he learns is inherently fresher and more thorough.
I can very much agree with this part. It's funny that the libs themselves jawboned about "transparency" back in the Obama era. Of course without accountability, it's just brazenness but it was at least an acknowledgement that something is very wrong with the administrative state coming from the elites themselves.

Which I think is the only way this can work. The elites themselves have to realize this is not working and decide to do something about it. Can the auto-glasnost strategy actually pull this off? Time will tell.

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