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The origins of couching sentences in "I Feel" πŸ”— 1612453767  

Part and parcel of our "let's never take responsibility for anything" emotional ninny culture

The great stagnation πŸ”—

Glad to see what guys like the daily reckoning figured out 15 years ago finally getting some more mainstream traction. Despite all our efforts, productivity has flatlined; we are strangled by red tape, or crowded out by .gov domination of the sciences. The guy's "Qualitative" focus is essentially just looking at productivity from the side. We are no better in any major field essentially because we are no more productive (in fact measurably less so).

Bank of England: Six Months till NIRP πŸ”— 1612450872  

At 0.1% interest already, this means inflation already makes it negative. Why the fuck did they go for Brexit if they were not going to get their act together? Who knows...

Finally, a use for Tokamaks? πŸ”— 1611930314  

If you don't really need containment...It might just work!

Political Illustration πŸ”— 1611855546  

Pretty much perfectly captures it

Yarvin's latest: on technology πŸ”— 1611421736  

He's correct that it's tech which will actually liberate you. This was the core thesis of "Tragedy and Hope" and is not wrong.

Saker's take on the situation πŸ”— 1611260415  

If the USA is so powerful, how is it that it failed to crush Russia? What about Iran? Or, in extremis, Venezuela? Yet, even the the last case, the β€œbest” this supposed World Hegemon did was send a few clueless ex-special ops to get caught and give case of hysterical laughter to the entire Latin American continent!
The inability of the empire to yanno...be imperial is a slow poison, much like the factions I speak of in the previous post.

PCR's take on the political situation πŸ”—

He correctly sees that lack of retaliation against enemies (showing weakness) to political factions is usually what causes revolutions. What he doesn't understand is that the Wokeists are already in charge, and this is more of a mass religious conversion of the elite.

I think the bias against the able in this new religion has planted the seed for future revolution, however. Without the able backing them they will increasingly rely on a hostile faction, making revolution inevitable.

WP:ADMINS continue to be winners πŸ”— 1611175754  

80k redirects to titty related articles

A true gentleman 🀀

American Pravda: The 2020 Election πŸ”— 1610989757  

Unz is right to point out the suppression of the Hunter story was the "real steal".

Italians have had enough πŸ”— 1610989173  

"I am Open" movement reminds me of Greeks' "We won't pay". Hope they keep it up.

Wall Update πŸ”— 1610989034  

Trump Admin rushing to complete this waste of time that's only keeping out Jaguars.

The Gropyer Behest πŸ”— 1610988290  

Lol, someone really must have wanted to fund Fuentes' catboy expeditions to Thailand as his legacy?

The CIA's Afghan Death Squads πŸ”—

I love how Scott leads on this one: "I know you are asking... Which ones!" 20 Years of fighting and the pentagram is still helping Uzbeks, Tajiks and Hazaras murder each others' children.

Tales from the Slammer πŸ”— 1610978559  

Pretty much what you expect, the "justice" system is the inversion of what people actually want out of it.

Why Cancer cells ferment πŸ”— 1610906871  

It's needed for fast reproduction. This is also why anaerobic exercise causes hypertrophy.

The market for cruelty πŸ”— 1610563193  

The market for cruelty is a real thing. It is one special case of the market for power. As everyone has known since Gutenberg was a little boy, people like to read and believe things that make them powerful, or make them feel powerful. These powerful ideas experience a selective advantage in the Darwinian marketplace of ideas.
Important. I said much the same in "no market for liberty" -- there is no desire for freedom, but for "justice" AKA vengeance and cruelty.

Bunga Bounces Back???? πŸ”— 1610481976  


Shapeshift no longer doing KYC πŸ”—

Erik Voorhees gonna get blackbagged soon? Note that this means the OTC market is effectively back!

Popmeo designates all Houthis as Terrorists πŸ”— 1610472459  

Well, that's one way to justify all their deaths as no longer worthy of being war crimes.

Social Media has No Power At All πŸ”— 1610464069  

Yarvin's latest. It's spot on.

The political grift πŸ”—

Taibbi's piece We need a New Media System and the general realization that we are in essentially an era of upheaval similar to that of the introduction of the printing press and the reformation brought me to a realization.

Namely, that politics is just one more way that people differentiate their product. Since basically anyone with the determination and requisite intelligence can acquire mastery these days thanks to the internet smashing the monopoly of the elite institutions.

In retrospect, this should shock nobody; after all the elites themselves have already fully embraced this institution. Faux News and MSLSD are pretty much patient 0 in that regard. What's new is that pretty much everybody is having to choose one side or another not for sincere ideological reasons, but because it works to build your audience. Alex Jones' Infowars has built what may be the best produced media organization on the planet on the backs of "Pay-triots" who buy political vitamins. An entire ecosystem of service providers and vendors has erupted around this, and the left is beginning to catch up with a shamelessly grifting set of influencers as well.

This is fundamentally what is behind the rise in LARP fake radicalization, where everybody is competing for how hard they can beat their chest for their tribe. Eventually this is leading to real radicalization as the inevitable happens when idiots take the grift seriously instead of seeing it as glow-in-the-dark horse manure. Like with the FBI terror provocateurs in the GWOT, people will catch on eventually but this is cold comfort to those caught up in the crossfire until then.

As always, it's a sort of pendulum of history much like the tug-of-war between centralization and de-centralization. Too much emphasis on mastery and a saturated labor market means politics is your best bet for differentiation.

That said, mean reversion is looming. Worldwide birthrate collapse due largely to these same digital tools enabling the optimization of hypergamy worldwide shall cure this problem as surely as birthrate collapses shall also be self-correcting.

The value of the common worker will rise, making them become far more viable reproductive partners. Similarly, ability will command even more of a premium, making luxury branding elements such as political alignment once again less meaningful. The major destabilizing forces confronting the world will fix themselves given time, as the old adage "the cure for high prices is high prices" always holds true. One can be forgiven for seeing a divine hand in such long-term stability engendered by our own human nature.

It is grim to consider that perhaps Stalin realized that in the long term the best way to raise the power of the worker was to liquidate astonishing quantities of them. This of course failed due to a globalized labor market which wasn't going along with the program, and so the Russian worker suffered and gained nothing. Today there is no escape from the demographic collapse; the genie is out of the bottle and cannot be put back inside. We have but to ride out the results until new equilibrium is reached.

Assange not extradited, but still gulaged πŸ”— 1610218830  

They'll never stop persecuting him.

Biological Magnetoreception observed πŸ”— 1610130436  

Folk science starts becoming real.

The five crises of the American Regime πŸ”— 1610065775  

Very interesting to see a mainstream Author like Lind essentially embracing the "new right" view on the Cathedral. His book essentially concludes we will get a high tech caste system run by the clerisy, and perpetual peasant revolts as a result.

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