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Pentagram admits they're licked by the Chinese πŸ”— 1599472598  

Of course, they only admit this to get bigger budgets. There are of course qualitative differences here; "Missile Gap" nonsense comes to mind.

China: Back to normal πŸ”— 1599471047  

Sounds freer to me

Ex-Im bank sewer of corruption continues πŸ”— 1599470907  

So JPMorgan Chase makes money off these transactions while sustaining zero risk.
Yeah, that's kinda the point of all GSEs

Why Remote work will be suppressed πŸ”— 1599470831  

As a government stimulus to the cities. The large institutional landlords holding commercial RE are baying for blood politically right now.

Key Performance Indicators πŸ”— 1599470652  

Thankfully, the tech in this imagining doesn't work. Lol

Taibbi on "In Defense of Looting" πŸ”— 1599470079  

So this is a 288-page book written by a Very Online Person in support of the idea that other people should loot, riot, and burn things in the real world.

Style-wise, In Defense of Looting continues the impressive streak of the woke movement having yet to produce a single readable piece of literature.

India continues to strategically Plaxico πŸ”— 1599469820  

Being too hard on the USA dick ride: hazardous to one's health

Monsanto GM Cotton: Crap πŸ”— 1599469571  

Fails anywhere you don't have Uncle Sucker putting his thumb on the scale.

Black lives MAGA πŸ”— 1599468729  

Best essay on the current situation. Rs are just progs driving the speed limit.
The founding fathers and the majority of American presidents throughout history were white supremacists. If they’re true to their own values, Republicans should want to detonate and flatten almost the entirety of Washington’s statuary. Perhaps what needs to be toppled is not the effigies of men who presided over a functioning society, but the edifice of Martin Luther King, whose legacy renders America a failed state on the precipice of civil war.
It's not a coincidence that the reaction to the failure of white supremacism in the 20th century was the twofold rise of fem supremacism and black supremacism. Either ideology is plenty dangerous without the communist ideology the thought leaders of both subscribe to. But nobody in the USA is interested in individualism; the market for tyranny is booming.

TSLA "Self Driving" : Essentially crap πŸ”— 1599468698  

If you can't rely on it, it is worthless.

Khyber Pass Gunsmithing Update πŸ”— 1599468613  

Regulation cometh

Pandemic Perks: wage theft everywhere πŸ”— 1599468583  

From single people not offered similar perks to those with children to loss of catering & access to facilities, the employees grow increasingly restive. Nothing will happen of course, as that's not how it works in corporate. You don't like it? You have to leave.

Summer Rally looking to be out of gas πŸ”— 1599468431  

Punters figuring out the FED isn't propping up the S&P any more

Intel: Considering going fabless πŸ”— 1599468338  

Intel is now all but waving the white flag. CEO Bob Swan recently spent almost an hour discussing an idea that not long ago would get him burned at the stake: outsourcing production for core products. β€œTo the extent that we need to use somebody else’s process technology, we’ll be prepared to do that,” Swan told analysts on a conference call. β€œThat gives us much more optionality and flexibility. So in the event there is a process slip, we can try something rather than make it all ourselves.”
This is the first sign of hope for them. Let TSMC and other specialized firms worry about fabbing the chips, they should only concern themselves with making better processors.

NY: Town legitimizes bribing cops with sex πŸ”— 1599467304  

Sounds about right, may as well make de jure what is already de-facto everywhere.

No more woke indoc in Fed agencies? πŸ”— 1599467200  

If true, shows Trump actually gets that the real fight is for the minds of the bureaucracies.

Majority of 18-29 year olds living with parents πŸ”— 1599467116  

A first since the Great Depression. The insanity of the Great Repression continues.

Atlantic: Waaa making a home office is hard πŸ”— 1599229758  


ZH still consistently scooping FT πŸ”— 1599224866  


Canton of Zug accepting BTC for tax payments πŸ”— 1599159440  

Sound money is winning

Lockdowns: annihilate 7 years of increases in output πŸ”— 1599143128  

Time for a major war so we can get those rookie capital destruction numbers up

Lazy public school teachers using AI to grade now πŸ”— 1599143062  

Not much worse than the real thing

Courts: NSA are criminals πŸ”— 1599136660  

NSA continues on as though nothing has happened, much like the millions of other instances in which .gov is found to laugh at their own "rules".

Anti-Aging AKG effects πŸ”— 1599129323  


Gamma hedging resulting in big explosion today πŸ”— 1599129263  

Sparked by Gifford's TSLA liquidation, seems.

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