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Navalny now Skirpal 2.0 apparently πŸ”— 1599060647  

I'm sure this will be as plausible as last time

Links page pruned and updated πŸ”— 1599057405  

Wow I barely maintain this site. New links will be coming soon based on our super secret RSS feed.

Hybrid Bacteria in the Wild πŸ”— 1599055746  

Hey, if cuttings work on trees...

Abe in retrospective πŸ”— 1599036382  

I think "Single party dictatorship" along the lines of Mexico fits the bill pretty aptly.

COVID an ACE inhibitor? πŸ”— 1599036337  

Interesting if true; probably true of conventional colds too though.

1/4 of young americans considering suicide πŸ”— 1599036109  

Lockdowns work!

Hotel Industry on brink of collapse πŸ”— 1599036039  

Meanwhile campgrounds are full to capacity. The demand is actually there; Repeal anti-travel and lodging statutes and turn off the TV!

JP on the COVID death count πŸ”— 1599034334  

Vigano continues to favor church above the state πŸ”— 1598886378  

A breath of fresh air compared to Bergolio. Vigano for antipope.

CA: Insane brainwashing curriculum to become mandatory πŸ”— 1598886085  

Most states work via a wide network of accredited curriculum programs in which the teachers individually select what they deem appropriate. This fosters diversity of thought, but people want education to be like McDonalds, where it has consistent(ly low) output. Then they wonder why a diploma becomes meaningless. lol

Germany also busy turning the Youths against liberalism πŸ”— 1598880522  

These people really have no idea what they are doing.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan πŸ”— 1598880244  

The war continues to be an atrocity machine. Brit troops executing unarmed prisoners and covering it up.

Meanwhile in Montenegro πŸ”— 1598880089  

Their Gangster-In-Chief also about to win re-election in ways far more fraudulent than in Byelorussia. NATO, NED and the CIA won't care though, because he's "their guy".

USA: Monkey Shortage πŸ”— 1598871163  

NIH-funded national primate centers would be unable to meet future demand and specifically discussed a β€œstrategic monkey reserve”
I hope the ABC org they start for this is named OOK

Unpleasant Times πŸ”— 1598861425  

A good summary of the current situation.

1/3 of Troops COMING HOME from Iraq πŸ”— 1598632513  

About damned time, need to be 3/3.

"Sophiticated Investor" rules changed πŸ”— 1598609943  

Now Series 7s can invest in private placements.

We do work via the first step of photosynthesis πŸ”— 1598609371  

This is the most profound insight I've seen in a while.

American Meddling in Russia πŸ”— 1598606714  

That’s the thing about today: People don’t remember that all through the 1990s, America meddled in Russia’s politics in just about every way you can imagine: it helped fix elections, flooded the country with untraceable money, secured international aid to help β€œour guys” stay in power, funded opposition activists, whitewashed horrible human rights abuses...you name it, America did it. Hell, Clinton’s Treasury Department even wrote presidential decrees. They also helped design Russia’s government apparatus and capital markets structures.

It’s hard to imagine a more direct control over a foreign country’s political system β€” short of a straight-up physical occupation.

...Millions died premature deaths. The Lancet estimated that 4 million people died [excess deaths] just in the first half of the 1990s

America β€” at a moment when it could have done pretty much anything in Russia β€” went with the scummiest, most barbaric option possible. It callously oversaw mass murder and theft and plunder only seen in times of war. And forget taking responsibility for it, no one in power has even acknowledged that it happened.
This is why I've always laughed at the hilarious russiagate accusations. The Russians themselves find these accusations incredibly insulting -- while they have ample justification to do so to avoid a return to their prior position, they would prefer to see themselves as the "better men". And the part that makes it worst is that Americans are totally unaware of how bad the Russians got screwed by the US; this has lead to a sort of national inferiority complex which enables some of the worst abuses of the Putin regime.

Ryzen: 0 latency mov,add,mov πŸ”— 1598604843  

free memcpy? sign me up

Alhambra on the latest nonsense from the FED πŸ”— 1598604282  

It sure seems like, and it is heavily implied (because they’ll never just come out and state this) here, these charlatans have finally acknowledged how they’ve been misleading themselves, and you, for more than a decade about the real state of the labor market therefore the overall economy.
As always, the FED flunks. Dumbest guys in the room. The caption on the above chart makes it clear that they've blinded themselves in their propaganda re-definitions of inflation and unemployment. This is why they can do nothing but fail.

Redpill with JP πŸ”— 1598524739  

STC in Yemen once again tells the Saudis to stuff it πŸ”— 1598520274  

UAE sensing further weakness

Idaho throws in the towel on 'rona nonsense πŸ”— 1598519912  

Good. Hopefully other states follow their lead. Meanwhile democrat states are busy blowing millions on moronic propaganda.

Bunga Bunga πŸ”— 1598519477  

Money printing to the moon baby. Oh wait, they're SBA "Loans" and other bailout facilities. Right...

Anyways, housing prices are roaring back: see here. Back up the truck on BTC, GLD/GDX/JNUG boys. Oh, and don't forget STAWKKKS. BTFATH loser

Anyways, the FED's latest insane rationalization for all this is that "Oh it will all average out over time". If by that they mean the average guy gets bent over and serviced, then very much yes.

Don't forget that the reason this is a problem now is because it's not just more dollars. It's more dollars chasing less goods and services, as those were mostly destroyed by the lockdown.

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