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The "Tully Monster" πŸ”— 1458200754  

A prehistoric giant lamprey. Remarkable.

New Blog Post Up πŸ”— 1458172800  

A quick thought on where to start with value investing.

FAA's rationale for registering drones overblown πŸ”— 1458117649  

Much of the fear around drones hitting aircraft has been driven by FAA reports from pilots who have claimed near-misses with small drones. But an investigation last year by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) found that of the 764 near-miss incidents with drones recorded by the FAA, only 27 of themβ€”3.5 percentβ€”actually were near misses. The rest were just sightings, and those were often sightings that took place when drone operators were following the rules. The FAA also overcounted, including reports where the pilot said explicitly that there was no near miss and some where the flying object wasn't identified, leading the AMA to accuse the FAA of exaggerating the threat in order to get support for its anti-drone agenda.
And the frequency of injuries caused by drone collisions, they estimated, would be another two orders of magnitude smallerβ€”happening once every 1.87 million years of operation. "This appears to be an acceptable risk to the airspace," they concluded.
The facts tend to be the opposite of government people's breathless hyperventilation against nonexistant "threats". Like I said back when this started, this is nothing more than a power grab. The FAA keeps the skies deserted, so birds will always be a greater danger than drones.

Kops gun down man for brandishing 5gal bucket πŸ”— 1458117350  

"I was afraid for my life"

This kop gets it πŸ”— 1458117244  

For six years, Fiorito was running a scheme in which he falsely arrested people on DUI charges so he could get overtime pay for the resulting court appearance.

After the full scope of his corruption was revealed, Fiorito resigned, but state’s attorney Anita Alvarez never pressed charges against him, despite claiming that her office was investigating the officer for over a year.
He understands and unashamedly acts as revenuer. The smart cop simply pulls over people nonstop for his entire shift and makes shit up to maximize revenue and hit the quota.

No-Permit open carry comes to OK πŸ”— 1458117085  


Denver PoPo routinely "abusing" their Crime DB for Blackmail πŸ”— 1458116039  

Shocked, simply shocked

FIB busy losing all the evidence in Lavoy Finicum Murder πŸ”— 1458115787  

That is to be expected in this case.

Latest AGW Propaganda: Oh Noes! Rising Sea Levels! πŸ”— 1458115677  

Study cited is one where the authors are like "don't pay attention to the actual probability of this happening." LOL. No wonder other sites are out with sob stories about some delta island disappearing due to getting hit by one too many hurricanes (but that is blamed on 'rising sea levels').

Largest coal miner in default πŸ”— 1458115463  


More PFOA Contamination found πŸ”— 1458115419  

Teflon's legacy seems to have a way of 'sticking around'.

NJ cop bugs his eyes out, Power Trips with Taser πŸ”— 1458115358  

Tries to bait some onlooker into punching him on film, onlooker doesn't take the bait. Tazes the guy anyways then says he got punched.

Crytek releases engine as "pay what you want" πŸ”— 1458114453  

That's pretty competitive with Unreal engine. They're gonna start getting traction like that.

US Military: Completely bereft of civilian oversight πŸ”— 1458114385  

...which shouldn't be surprising, as 100% of the government has no civilian oversight. The bureaucracies all do whatever the hell they feel like, and the proles can suck it.

Fort Worth Cop Tries to pepper spray Bikers on Road πŸ”— 1458113726  

First of all, what a dumbass. Second, that guy is really looking out for safety of the roads doing that to moving motorists. Hopefully the wind blew it back in that criminal's face.

Mises Brazil update πŸ”— 1458113615  

Apparently their outreach efforts during the protests to oust their current corrupt el supremo has really got legs. Excellent news.

Hayden crying Crocodile Tears over Trump πŸ”— 1458113588  

I wouldn't expect any less from a scumbag who lead an illegal cabal of blackmailers.

But hey! Now the FIB and your local PoPo will have access to all their insane blackmail material ("legally," anyways). Which isn't to say they didn't already have access to this since they are one big happy federal family.

KKK Trollin' Hillary πŸ”— 1458113522  

With an endorsement of course!

Hobo who beat the kops in court gets killed πŸ”— 1458113447  

I mean "dies all the sudden while in custody".

VPN comparison Chart πŸ”— 1458113395  

iVPN sounds pretty good.

Rubio out πŸ”— 1458076020  

Kasich staying in to be a spoiler for the RNC. Hope he at least gets something other than a knife in his back for the trouble.

Tobin Tax in China πŸ”— 1458067908  

financial suicide

Navy ships that helped with Fukushima: still hot πŸ”— 1458067794  

Another good reason to not join the navy

Lebanon showing Weakness πŸ”— 1458031436  

Sounds like they are probably gonna get invaded -- if not by the USA, by Saudi or Israel.

Neanderthals: Mostly carnivores πŸ”— 1458031144  

How the heck do you think we got such a big brain? Can't do that on a low-fat diet, homie.

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