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On diversity in games πŸ”— 1440941828  

Gret article. This guy sees clearly due to living under communism.

"Booty Warrior" Soon to be "Culturally Enriching" the Public πŸ”— 1440940201  

Surprised they'd ever let him out, considering what he fessed up to on camera.

Emigration from Consistency πŸ”— 1440929346  

All rolled up into a blog post now.

15% of Israeli settlers illegally living in Palestine are US citizens πŸ”— 1440927104  

Sounds about right. That seems to be "the American Way" -- purchase personal freedom at the expense of others.

Ghouls want to harvest Organs from Living Patients πŸ”— 1440926979  

Basically they want to redefine comatose as dead so that they can then actually kill you by harvesting your organs. Pretty neat way of evading "First, do no Harm," isn't it?

Chris Christie on Illegals: Bag em & Tag Em πŸ”— 1440926801  

Explains why he setup a concentration camp during "superstorm" Sandy.

Citi: Bunga will Save the World! πŸ”— 1440926732  

Tells you volumes about Citi's financial condition.

Get SWATted for $2 worth of Weed πŸ”— 1440926697  

And Kops wonder why they are hated.

The Pavement Bookworm πŸ”— 1440926580  

A good example of how to turn your life around from dire circumstances.

Kops Hassle Astronomers because they thought a Telescope was a Gun πŸ”— 1440926172  

Filed under "The Only Ones". That Kop should be fired for being an idiot.

AP Suing FIB for earlier Impersonation πŸ”— 1440926057  

I remember when this story first came out. Good on the AP for being offended by this enough to sue.

Sudden outbreak of Financial Sanity at NYT πŸ”— 1440925905  

A call to end the bunga, for all the right reasons.

Jump the Fence! πŸ”— 1440925837  

No wonder Cis people can't be Bothered πŸ”— 1440924946  

Most people can't even get the normal pronouns right. Expecting them to get these new ones right kind of requires understanding the linguistic forms of pronouns in the first place.

Why Power "Corrupts" πŸ”— 1440924731  

I think a really important point here is that power amplifies the person. It gives already existing personality dispositions and tendencies a louder voice, and increases the chances that these tendencies will be given fuller expression.
Most people don't live by a logically consistent framework, or even contemplate what it means to not be corrupt, much less what it takes to be a 'good person'. Power merely amplifies your flaws here. A good pair of examples of this is Lincoln and Ron Paul. Just look at both their records in the Senate: Lincoln supported the same crony BS he put into 'maximum go' as president. Ron Paul, in contrast, was Dr. No.

In any event, this is why Gandalf rejected the Ring: Though he had strong convictions and mindfulness about what power can do, there's always the doubt that something about your worldview could be weak enough that amplifying that with power would cause disaster from.

Alex Jones: Rand Paul needs to Man Up πŸ”— 1440924071  

Damn straight. The Donald is giving 'red meat' to the republicans, why not give LRC/Mises institute style 'red meat' as Rand? It would energize both Buchanan style republicans and libertarians who loved Rand's father. I wonder if AJ has heard Scott Horton's take on Rand.

Intrigue in the Ron Paul, Inc. saga πŸ”— 1440845525  

Possibly a murder and Burglary involved?

San Fransisco: open sewer πŸ”— 1440845162  

The bounties of socialism

Goldmanite Slush Fund discovered in Malaysia πŸ”— 1440843912  

Riots promptly began after noting that "public" funds were being grafted into the fund.

Oops πŸ”— 1440843490  

Where windows Really stores CA Certs πŸ”— 1440843359  

In a monkey puzzle, all the better to install the NSA's certs instead, I would imagine.

Wells Fargo going into the Burglary Business πŸ”— 1440843199  

Par for the course. They get away with everything else, why not?

Bunga's Triumphant return to Thailand? πŸ”— 1440843146  

Thaksin's snake oil peddler has returned as finance minister.

Newest Shooter as Social Justice Avenger πŸ”— 1440843097  

The guy could have paved his own way and became the media he wanted to see, but instead chose violence. Very misguided, but all too common these days.

Meanwhile, War Drums beat for Burundi πŸ”— 1440842763  

Can't go a month without agitation for regime change from the CIA's media partners.

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