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Yarvin's take on COVID is fully bogus 🔗

Extreme authoritarianism works, because viruses aren’t magic. Extreme libertarianism works, because a naked, completely unleashed market can adapt as fast as any virus. We have inductive evidence for authoritarianism. We have to deduce libertarianism. We can still argue about the moderate window between them—but we know it sucks.

Moreover, what if even these concepts of libertarianism and authoritarianism trap us within a simplistic frame? They seem to be opposites—but they both work. Suppose we could construct some kind of five-dimensional political geometry under which they were actually one thing? Libertarian authoritarianism might work even better…
Maybe, just maybe the deaths are good, and you shouldn't try to stop it? Maybe evolutionary pressure is the answer to retroviral phenomena? Nobody wants to hear this take, it's too real.

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