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Gotterdammerung on the Potomac πŸ”—

Yesterday was a death rattle of the establishment gods. They have sown the seeds of their own destruction over the decades and now reap its bitter harvest. These self-anointed elites, these circle-jerking naked emperors, they do not recognize the rapidly falling darkness. Even were these "gods" to recognize the gallows on the horizon, they cannot admit their complicity in their end. To do so would be to concede they are human, not gods. And that they cannot do.
Yesterday was beautiful. Watching people tear down the veil like the soviet peasants in '89. We shall see if the .gov goons fly off the handle or not. If they don't massively overreact, this will embolden the peasantry and it's over for Mordor. If they do it will simply radicalize them further. There is now no way out for DC.

BONUS: Yarvin's take. He's certainly right to be more sanguine about the significance; neither party was taking the other seriously, otherwise there would have been senators that ended up like Ghaddafi in a culvert. Nevertheless, it's the start of something real; a right that doesn't worship the feds.
Since they were only fishing in the Rubicon, not making any kind of practical plan to actually cross it, if they accidentally do cross it, they are lost. They will just wander around in the endless fields of Chianti, "wondering why the level isn't ending," until some Roman asswipe finds them and kills them with a spear.
BONUS II: Greenwald's Take. Entirely sensible as expected, so nobody will listen.

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