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FAA's rationale for registering drones overblown 🔗 1458117649  

Much of the fear around drones hitting aircraft has been driven by FAA reports from pilots who have claimed near-misses with small drones. But an investigation last year by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) found that of the 764 near-miss incidents with drones recorded by the FAA, only 27 of them—3.5 percent—actually were near misses. The rest were just sightings, and those were often sightings that took place when drone operators were following the rules. The FAA also overcounted, including reports where the pilot said explicitly that there was no near miss and some where the flying object wasn't identified, leading the AMA to accuse the FAA of exaggerating the threat in order to get support for its anti-drone agenda.
And the frequency of injuries caused by drone collisions, they estimated, would be another two orders of magnitude smaller—happening once every 1.87 million years of operation. "This appears to be an acceptable risk to the airspace," they concluded.
The facts tend to be the opposite of government people's breathless hyperventilation against nonexistant "threats". Like I said back when this started, this is nothing more than a power grab. The FAA keeps the skies deserted, so birds will always be a greater danger than drones.

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