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TSA grabs Texas by the genitals πŸ”— 1439057910  

See here.

The last time the feds threatened a blockade of a state was the start of the civil war. If this were carried out, it could rightly be considered an act of war against Texas -- which is treasonous as defined in the constitution. That the feds would resort to this kind of thuggery reflects very poorly on them. Especially since by doing so they shot down a bill that passed unanimously in the Texas house.

However, since it takes two to tango, the Texas legislature (wisely?) backed down. Nearly all the states could secede now and still get beat by the feds, so there's no point in trying to resist to that point. Moreso when Texas, Montana, and Utah are the only states remotely serious about nullification these days. As usual, the states will only be able to resist unfunded mandates. This is because the USA has, like Russia, become "a prison-house of nations" ever since the federal supremacy question was bloodily decided with the outcome of the civil war.

We all have to accept that the noble dream of a confederation of states like the Swiss have died long ago in America, replaced by a Roman-style republic. As such, we must recognize that the dictatorial tendencies of the executor will win out here in the end as well. Those wondering how we ended up with a corporate-fascist government would do well to take note of this.

Like the Roman empire, the feds will not give up control until they have reduced the people to a state in which they cannot even support being controlled. In the Roman days, the people all fled or sold themselves into slavery, as it beat being a citizen. Like the Assyrians of old, the USSR finally killed enough of it's own citizens that it no longer had any real tax base. This is because until then, they had the power to kill all their subjects at their whim; and there were always be enough psychopaths in the system to threaten or outright do it. America is no different in this regard.

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