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Hedge Funds: Buying the Dip with both hands πŸ”— 1599658820  

They know what is coming.

More figuring out local lockdown ordnances totally unlawful πŸ”— 1599647828  

Amounts to nothing, because the government never gives a damn about their own rules. Those are for the plebs. The only reason they ever will obey a restriction on themselves is because the individuals doing the enforcing have an ego investment in the whole "rule of law" myth.

The Napoleon technique for correspondence productivity πŸ”— 1599647195  

Just don't respond to most things. Most correspondence is really just demands for validation and the fact is they could actually figure their problems out for themselves if starved of such validation.

If you want to be surrounded by effective people, this is the best way to winnow out the ineffective, as they value validation over accomplishment.

FED Bond bailout turned out to be a bluff πŸ”— 1599647039  

Now that the markets have figured out it was just jawboning, its reacting like Samson hit them with the donkey's jawbone.

Why the Dems chose a loser like biden πŸ”— 1599646835  

So maybe the radical left's attack on restaurants and looting will knock some out of their anti-cop trance (which is really an anti-civilization) but I suspect that this is what the Marxists behind the curtain want. They want the people to be fearful, so that Trump is re-elected to "fix things." The Marxists know a Trump victory will continue the recruiting of socialists to the cause.
Bingo. Look, there's a reason we generally get 8 year swings. It takes a while to get people fired up enough to lose objectivity and actually get motivated enough to vote, despite the screaming evidence that it has 0 impact on public policy. The entire electoral system is nothing but an elaborate smokescreen giving the bureaucrats the cover they need to keep doing what they want to do.

Serious adverse reaction to candidate COVID vaccine πŸ”— 1599646411  

This won't stop it from being rammed thru. The zeitgeist is currently "looting is ok because they're insured", so "permanent adverse reactions and killing people with a vaccine is ok because they're insured" shouldn't be a hard pill to swallow for the world-improvers. I hope the neocons take the reductio and start saying "Global Nuclear War is OK because we're insured!!!!"

People starting to do the math on how bad the lockdowns hurt πŸ”— 1599645152  

10% of UK companies likely to shutter. WINNING

My Career as a White Cop πŸ”— 1599644395  

A journey of disillusionment. It's interesting how many are coming to a similar conclusion about nearly all large bureaucratic organizations regardless of profession.
As the β€œdefund the police” movement gains momentum, police officers are leaving the profession in droves. My agency is no exception. Soon, very few people, if any, will apply for this job. In order to fill vacancies, agencies will have to eliminate written tests, lower hiring standards, and look the other way on questionable backgrounds. This has all been tried before in the name of β€œdiversity,” and led to incompetent, untrustworthy, corrupt officers. This is a disaster for any society.
It's of course gonna be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The incentives surrounding all bureaucracies guarantee this is the outcome. All police agencies succumb eventually, everywhere. Government is always and everywhere eventually filled by those who simply cannot be employed in any useful profession. That is the essence of the political means.

Malcom X Was right πŸ”— 1599643198  

Good chaser to Black Lives MAGA. If more people black and white just focused on doing better for themselves and not being world-improvers the would could actually be better.
I have been harmed far more by white people in this country who hold to radical liberal and neocon values than by black people.
Damn straight. The fools empowering Mordor on the Potomac and our local tyrants are a far worse menace to the world. Be they white liberals or race hustlers it's all the same.

Title IX changes: Bureaucrats ignoring laws and doing what they want to πŸ”— 1599642667  

As always, the bureaucrats are in the drivers' seat

Ernie Hancock has been doing some great anti-COVID-1984 activism πŸ”— 1599642214  

Continues to be one of the realest libertarians out there

Assange extradition hearing a farce πŸ”— 1599642141  

As expected. In the interest of justice, the mother country needs to grow a sack and tell the colonies to pound sand. Escobar's Prometheus Bound is worth a read on this.

UPDATE: One of the defense witnesses cuts to the core issue:
Lewis then said that in Stafford Smith’s written evidence paras 92-6 he had listed specific Wikileaks cables which related to disclosure of drone policy. But publication of these particular cables did not form part of the indictment. Lewis read out part of an affidavit from US Assistant Attorney Kromberg which stated that Assange was being indicted only for cables containing the publication of names of informants.

Stafford Smith replied that Kromberg may state that, but in practice that would not be the case in the United States. The charge was of conspiracy, and the way such charges were defined in the US system would allow the widest inclusion of evidence. The first witness at trial would be a β€œterrorism expert” who would draw a wide and far reaching picture of the history of threat against the USA.
This alone ought to be lethal to the extradition. Nobody has a reasonable expectation that upon extradition the USA will restrict itself to prosecution of the crimes for which Assange is purportedly to be extradited for. The record of the USA giving 0 shits about their lawful treaty obligations is miles long.

Assange Show Trial update πŸ”— 1599591845  

Not looking good so far

Analysis of What goes on in the head of Game FAQ Writers πŸ”— 1599590898  

This type of work is important to understand the nature of how the internet is changing things. I always love when people ask "why do you do this?"

APD Shows "how the sausage is made" in modern policing πŸ”— 1599555405  

They're no better than the NSA or FIB using dubiously legal or correct data pervasively.

Floating upside down atop a vibrating medium πŸ”— 1599555353  

I suspect this has applications in supercavitations.

5400 RPM hdds no longer a thing, but the branding persists πŸ”— 1599555236  

Why would anyone want one? Coddling bottom feeders like this is stupid; they had to deal with much more expensive drives not but 5 years ago which were slower.

MITRE update πŸ”— 1599554547  

Still up to no good

Quantum theory wave collapse finally disproven πŸ”— 1599554397  

Quantum is an edifice of sand. Penrose will not be able to solve his theoretical problem; If they resort to an explanation which cannot be proven without a proof it cannot be proven they have failed. Which appears to be the situation.

Globalist scheming for a great reset continues πŸ”— 1599554240  

Hopefully they forget by next summer.

Gyms for Me, not for thee πŸ”— 1599554133  

.gov not locking itself down. That's for plebs.

Grocery choices returning to 1970s levels πŸ”— 1599554100  

Hooray for massive reductions in standard of living coupled with huge inflation. No wonder Roger Stone is associated with Trump, it's Nixon 2.0! Complete with the failure to get us out of wars until it's too late.

M$ and AMZN beefing over gubbmint Ks πŸ”— 1599554013  

Gotta have that sweet cheese in these dark times

Yet another shit gubbmint software project πŸ”— 1599553947  

"How not to regex" banking system edition

Swedish strategy 100% vindicated πŸ”— 1599553831  

Lockdowns are just a part of the stupid lies we tell ourselves. "We are in control of the natural world." No we aren't.

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