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Margaret Sanger now finally politically unacceptable πŸ”— 1596320573  

So the woke finally hate eugenics and racism? News to me. More likely too many know the purpose of planned parenthood and it makes them look bad. As such scapegoat the founders and move on despite their descendants still running the scam.

Florida COVID propaganda breakdown πŸ”— 1596106152  

As expected it's nothing but lies

Isolation/Lockdown is a MKULTRA mind control technique πŸ”— 1596102127  

Isolating your victim. BTK government indeed.

Yet more realize the empire always comes home πŸ”— 1596101971  

People wonder why things are so stupid here, this is why. It's the army way, hoo haa

South Yemen making overtures to Hadi/Saudis once more πŸ”— 1596101916  

Buying time. They have no serious intention of not being independent.

Trump: Delay Election? πŸ”— 1596101860  

Hey it works for Netanyoohoo. Why not, they've been able to get away with absolute murder over the COVID hysteria anyways.

Fauci: Wear Goggles too πŸ”— 1596101801  

Can we just skip directly to the bondage rope that BTK government types want us all to be in 24/7?

The propaganda is working πŸ”— 1596101746  

Horizontal enforcement getting increasingly aggressive. Protect ya neck

Economic data 33% GDP Contraction so far πŸ”— 1596101701  

Kill a third of the economy for no reason. Heckuva Job, bureaucrats. Must be nice knowing you'll never face consequences for being this wrong.

FIB still up to their old tricks πŸ”— 1595876004  

As with all other groups with serious opposition to the status quo, you can take it to the bank that all who openly advocate criminal behavior are straight up feds (or will be informants soon!)

Speaking of Turkey, Erdogan symbolically resurrects the empire πŸ”— 1595875548  

By re-islamizing the greatest of the roman cathedrals.

Lunatic US policy drives Persians into arms of China πŸ”— 1595875459  

Does the pentagram really think they can beat 3 world-beater empires, even if they are has-beens? With the Turks increasingly flipping to the Persian side too this does not bode well for US chances in the coming war.

BONUS: Pompeo sticks his fat foot in his mouth again.

Google: We're WFH until 2021 July πŸ”— 1595875257  

I'll bet "extend and pretend" lasts at least that long too. Get ready for the greatest depression.

More than half of business closures permanent πŸ”— 1595875153  

80,000 Entrepeneurs totally ruined. Their employees also put in the poor house. And for nothing. Kinda like how a bunch of my young friends died in the sand box for nothing. May the criminals at all levels which have imposed this vicious tyranny be boiled upside down in excrement.

Government cheese clock runs out πŸ”— 1595874947  

Cue rioting the first of August. Sounds like they are planning another $1200 helicopter drop soon to try and paper over the problem. I like that it's called the HEALS act, congress is fulla heels.

The Covid Can-Kicks quickly brewing into explosive kegs of shit πŸ”— 1595874821  

Missed payments for everyone! The longer this goes, the worse it gets when we decide to even try to be normal.

Dolphin Social Dynamics πŸ”— 1595758268  

Sounds like being a Dolphin bro ain't a bad life

Sweden still looking good RE Corona πŸ”— 1595757774  

The secret of Sweden’s success is that its experts settled on a strategy that was realistic, sustainable and science-based. The intention was never to β€œfight” the virus which is among the most contagious infections in the last century, but to protect the old and vulnerable while allowing the young, low-risk people to circulate, contract the virus, and develop the antibodies they’d need to fight similar pathogens in the future. It’s clear now that that was the best approach.

USA now applying more scrutiny on Visa applicants from China πŸ”— 1595756943  

Prediction based on the above:
* The camps will start to intern the chinese.

Not a hard one to make ultimately, given Pompeo's recent "Cold War" talk. China already closed a US consulate in retaliation for the closing in Houston.

John Whitehead: Yep, we're about 10m till midnight πŸ”— 1595756761  

I've said this before as well. The only place this train stops is at Auschwitz. Understandable why the more prominent folks like Vin Armani recently bugged the F out to Saipain or whatever. May as well at least live in paradise for a while before getting black bagged.

Pandemic: Move to suburbs spiking πŸ”— 1595756610  

Why live in those hives of communism and hoplophobia if you don't have to anymore?

Mish thinking there's still a ways to go for the market πŸ”— 1595756318  

I'm certainly skeptical about the recovery as well given unemployment numbers. Interesting that Mish's site is now under "The Street" -- looks like a CNBS style aggregator that aggressively pumps whatever that criminal Kramer is pushing.

PG on Conformism πŸ”— 1595755759  

Using a four quadrant political chart is one way to describe the archetypes many find themselves playing out life in. Basically a way of rationalizing the following moral systems:
* Morality of a slave
* Morality of a freeman

With the only spin being "do I consider this to be morally good" (I'm making necessity a virtue) or do I disagree with this on some level deep down (and my conformism/rebellion is actually a cope).

Predictive Policing: Still a joke πŸ”— 1595506961  

This time a study from Switzerland

Lebanon: Between a rock and a hard place πŸ”— 1595501777  

Kinda sucks when the only feasible options for not flying apart at the seams is embracing authoritarianism. I'd say screw it, let it burn

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