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Chinese Consulate in Houston ordered closed πŸ”— 1595501612  

Soon after catches fire in a document destruction incident. Bad news for those not wanting to go to war with China.

Insider selling soars πŸ”— 1595501508  

Pump & Dump. The classic formula

The Rise of the Hustle Economy πŸ”— 1595501469  

Bless your grind/grift

Atlantic: Finally sees the DHS as Oprichnina, blames Trump πŸ”— 1595412748  

Adventures of a man who just started paying attention

Airlines still DoA πŸ”— 1595347680  

Unfortunately, only Jesus Christ can raise the dead

EU Stimulus summit a joke πŸ”— 1595347546  

As expected. Bailout cronies

MoA: Trump should use fogging on the USA πŸ”— 1595347011  

I thought drumpf was a master hypnotist/persuader. Fogging is a classic technique there

A headshrinker rag finally gets something right πŸ”— 1594901765  

The idea that one’s distress is primarily caused by a neurochemical deficiency that can be corrected by a drug is a fiction. The idea that it explains first-person experience or that it offers some exemption from responsibility is a fiction as well. As the interviews made clear, people adopted the biogenetic account because they thought it was based in science. The interviews also show how this account undermines the kinds of introspection and self-examination that can lead to meaningful self-knowledge.
It isn't a chemical imbalance, it's unrealistic expectations and shitty mental models that lead to you not getting what you want out of life. Thus distress due to rejection and failure.

Twitter hack aftermath: Some good screenshots πŸ”— 1594901259  

Pretty much confirms what their TOS indicated -- that they can shadowban, etc. with impunity, even post as you. The security threat there is even having this type of ability. Idiots. Response was pretty stupid too. Restrict bluecheck posting. Still, they should probably restrict bluecheck posting forever due to it proving you are normie enough to not be worth listening to 99% of the time.

New research showing a Corona Vaccine likely to be a dud πŸ”— 1594901193  

Surprise, surprise. A cold virus with quickly disappearing antibodies can't be vaccinated against. These people are morons for even trying to make a vaccine but for the fact that panicked people will take it even if it doesn't work.

Taibbi's latest: Jahr Null πŸ”— 1594820948  

It’s tragic that this even needs saying, but the sudden reinvention in the press of modern America as a Nazi apartheid state is as phony as the thousands of patriotic campaigns that occupied the news media previously. We’re witnessing an obscene malfunction of the elite messaging system.

The people who run this country have run out of workable myths with which to distract the public, and in a moment of extreme crisis have chosen to stoke civil war and defame the rest of us – black and white – rather than admit to a generation of corruption, betrayal, and mismanagement.
The same pols and pundits who not long ago were waving the flag for wars and insisting that American-style democracy was so perfectly realized that it made sense to bring it to all the peoples of the world, by force if needed (think Friedman’s hypothesis of a borderless utopia of forced wealth creation called the Golden Straitjacket), have now reversed course to tell us our entire history needs to be wiped clean.

Everything is a lie now. CNN even put β€œIndependence” in quotes when describing the holiday today (i.e. β€œReexamining β€˜Independence’ Day”). This revolution will end with Wolf Blitzer pulling a switch to dynamite the Statue of Liberty. Even if America is an idea whose time is past, I doubt it deserves an ending this ridiculous.
God save us from these betas. Fogging nonstop like politicians used to do was literally all that was needed to keep this nonsense together.

Best 'Rona vid so far πŸ”— 1594813097  

It's always been nonsense on stilts.

Stockman on the insane situation πŸ”— 1594798195  

Drowning in red ink, bailouts for everyone

Thierry on our Rainbow Puritanism πŸ”— 1594794622  

See the light of the family's lord, sol invictus through the prism of egalitarianism!

France Update πŸ”— 1594794362  

Like in the USA, legitimacy of the elections judged by turnout is at all time lows and nobody in the political class cares, because they only want people who agree with them to vote.

Big Doin's in Serbia πŸ”— 1594794299  

Revolution brewing, it seems.

Jezebel suddenly dislikes Cancel Culture, calls it Religion πŸ”— 1594378850  

This was obvious to anyone paying attention for quite some time. Jezebel only cares now that it affects the women, but that's their schtick after all. Not too surprising in that regard.

Russia: Not actually putting bounties on US troops πŸ”— 1594377388  


Corbett on the Plandemic πŸ”— 1594365474  

Interesting that one big emphasis of this implementation of the "red dawn" plan of W's Ghouls was to spread the propaganda through corporate management due to workers trusting them more than the government. Nobody really understands that we've lived under fascism since before the nsdap.

Glad Corbett also realizes the primary problem here is voluntary compliance with this nonsense due to .gov washing their propaganda through their corporate partners.

Trump shoulda pulled a Cowperthwaite πŸ”— 1594364775  

Of all the policies that we discussed, one stands out in my mind β€” if for no other reason than because it is so thoroughly counterintuitive. I asked him to name the one reform that he was most proud of. "I abolished the collection of statistics," he replied. Sir John believed that statistics are dangerous, because they enable social engineers of all stripes to justify state intervention in the economy.
As always the planners turn data molehills into a mountain of cash for themselves.

E-Detectives: Prominent Redditor is Ghislane Maxwell πŸ”— 1594330847  

I highly doubt this. Nobody with real power would associate with that hive of the 'tism

Orange Peel & Hops: better at making CBD than hemp? πŸ”— 1594330643  

Huge if true.

RG LeTourneau's Land Train πŸ”— 1594330591  

Neat story. Guy seems like a major unsung hero of the 20th century.

SCOTUS: most of Oklahoma a reservation πŸ”— 1594330534  

Quite the reversal. This change in property rights will likely be far from amusing for most Oklahomans.

How san francisco became a corpse of a city πŸ”— 1594330475  

Detroit 2.0 coming soon

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