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Audit hammer still falling on broke losers looking for benefits, I see πŸ”— 1544959666  

"Progressive" taxation. Ha Ha Ha. Taxation is always and everywhere regressive. A dead-weight loss.

Thankfully, audits are way down in general due to the sensible Trump policy of making the satanic IRS suck hind tit.

Philadelphia: systematic looting by the DA πŸ”— 1544959430  

Good ol' asset forfeiture abused as a property source for a real-estate flipping scam.

Streaming has won πŸ”— 1544958525  

Cable is dead. Finally.

Great breakdown of trends since '08 πŸ”— 1544958167  

Flight from the countryside to pack the cities. "This is what the beginning of a collapse looks like" -- The median county lost 6% of jobs and businesses over the last 10 years.
To underscore the weak magnitude and geographic unevenness of new business formation, consider that the country as a whole contained only 52,800 more business establishments in 2016 than it did in 2007. Five counties alone surpassed that, with a combined 55,500 more businesses in 2016 than before the recession: Los Angeles, CA; Brooklyn, NY; Harris, TX (Houston); Queens, NY; and Miami-Dade, FL. Without those five counties, the U.S. would still contain fewer active business establishments than it had before the recession.
And the city slickers are still puzzled as to why MAGA worked.

Big Dox drop on whitehall's latest propaganda op πŸ”— 1544954308  

The "Integrity Initiative" has briefly been covered here before, but it just keeps getting worse, as expected.

Luke on the continuing Disney-fication of YouTube πŸ”— 1544954143  

Thots and prayers towards the Googleplex employees.

Chuck Baldwin on point as usual πŸ”— 1544953223  

Correctly sees all the places where the Trump faithful need to have their heads examined. So rare for me to see others that properly spot that all Trump appointees so far have been deep state swamp creatures.

Korean Peace Process update πŸ”— 1544952662  

The respective militaries took field trips to observe the demolition of respective facilities along the border.

Yellow Vest protests spreading to Britain? πŸ”— 1544952441  

Cool if so, I always like to see the citizenry getting rowdy against the evil government.

How the USA keeps the South Sudan war fueled up πŸ”— 1544952309  

Thanks to Uganda being USA butt buddies, all the important defense contractors get to help that brutal dictator continue his insane war.

Macron: BilderBoy πŸ”— 1544952200  

A much more accurate assessment than "Rothschild Stooge". More like KKR stooge.

Nicely preserved tomb found in Saqqara πŸ”— 1544952121  

Pretty representative of what you'd expect of Egyptian art, though it was neat to see the paint still preserved on most of it.

Great Interview with Imran Khan πŸ”— 1544952070  

He strikes me as the most sane leader Pakistan has had in some time. His economics is muddled, but that's less important than his solid stance on the war.

Operation Timber Sycamore continuing πŸ”— 1544952014  

E.G. Arming jihadis. Despite Trumpian claims to the contrary.

The EU's latest "idea" RE regulating the Internet πŸ”— 1544951881  

As with all previous ideas, it is stupid.

The latest in the "Coproaches suck" file πŸ”— 1544950626  

Yet another pussy cop kills someone while aiming for the dog.

Fresh propaganda about Syrian war πŸ”— 1544950160  

Read the same article in the WaPo. Same tired pap about how if we leave something (??) bad will happen, which is BS. I guess they need something to distract from the disgusting Yemen war.

How far Netanyahu's corruption scandal goes πŸ”— 1544950054  

All the way to the nuclear secrets. Wow.

Russia to run strategic bombers out of Venezuela πŸ”— 1544910762  

Well, the USA has only themselves to blame if they suddenly have crocodile tears regarding "feeling surrounded".

ProPublica: Crying about the IRS being "Gutted" πŸ”— 1544910597  

Aww... what a shame. *chuckes in collapsitarian*

Turkey on the cusp of invading Kurdistan again πŸ”— 1544897230  

Sounds like a spring offensive may come in 2019.

Detroit's Latest theft ring πŸ”— 1544897162  

The Sherrif's goons are siezing cars of anyone who goes to legal weed dispensaries and demanding large sums of money. Par for the course.

Aussie Cardinal goes down in sex abuse trial πŸ”— 1544896091  

Probably the biggest catholic official ever to get convicted for this sort of thing.

Obamacare ruled Unconstitutional by Federal Judge in TX πŸ”— 1544895976  

At this point it's kind of pissing on it's grave, considering the tax is gone.

Saudi BAILOUT PLAN πŸ”— 1544732240  

Lol, guess we know why they ain't paying their bills to the pentagram

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