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Fort Worth Cop Tries to pepper spray Bikers on Road πŸ”— 1458113726  

First of all, what a dumbass. Second, that guy is really looking out for safety of the roads doing that to moving motorists. Hopefully the wind blew it back in that criminal's face.

Mises Brazil update πŸ”— 1458113615  

Apparently their outreach efforts during the protests to oust their current corrupt el supremo has really got legs. Excellent news.

Hayden crying Crocodile Tears over Trump πŸ”— 1458113588  

I wouldn't expect any less from a scumbag who lead an illegal cabal of blackmailers.

But hey! Now the FIB and your local PoPo will have access to all their insane blackmail material ("legally," anyways). Which isn't to say they didn't already have access to this since they are one big happy federal family.

KKK Trollin' Hillary πŸ”— 1458113522  

With an endorsement of course!

Hobo who beat the kops in court gets killed πŸ”— 1458113447  

I mean "dies all the sudden while in custody".

VPN comparison Chart πŸ”— 1458113395  

iVPN sounds pretty good.

Rubio out πŸ”— 1458076020  

Kasich staying in to be a spoiler for the RNC. Hope he at least gets something other than a knife in his back for the trouble.

Tobin Tax in China πŸ”— 1458067908  

financial suicide

Navy ships that helped with Fukushima: still hot πŸ”— 1458067794  

Another good reason to not join the navy

Lebanon showing Weakness πŸ”— 1458031436  

Sounds like they are probably gonna get invaded -- if not by the USA, by Saudi or Israel.

Neanderthals: Mostly carnivores πŸ”— 1458031144  

How the heck do you think we got such a big brain? Can't do that on a low-fat diet, homie.

Legalman on The joke that is Elections πŸ”— 1458030402  

There is nothing in the constitution that would prevent a state from β€œappointing” its presidential electors by letting illegals vote. Nothing. Think about it, if the state doesn’t even have to let ANYONE vote, how and why would it not be allowed to let β€œillegals” vote if it cared to? Of course a state could allow illegals to vote in the β€œappointment” of the states members to the electoral college, because it could choose to appoint their electors by using a lottery.

If the state β€œelected” its β€œmost numerous branch of the legislature” by a ballot that was open to members of ISIS living in Syria as well as to citizens in the state, then guess what? THAT is how they would then be allowed to vote for their congressmen and senators. There is nothing else to it. The provision is straightforward. It is left entirely to the states to decide who is eligible to elect their congressmen and senators.

Switzerland: De-Facto NATO πŸ”— 1458030127  

Current Concerns: always a good mag. The swiss military has already integrated with NATO command structure, and they've deliberately dismantled their previous defense structure so that NATO can immediately roll in without any resistance and "help" them. This will not turn out well for the Swiss in the next war.

More false-flag "supporters" at Trump rallies πŸ”— 1458029640  

Hillary is really ramping up the GLADIO style action against her likely opponent. I don't blame her; that stuff works like a charm.

Political Illustration πŸ”— 1458029461  

Wall Street: Loving it's slavery (the I love QE hat)

Israel Gobbles up more of the West Bank πŸ”— 1458029100  

Not surprising.

Berlin gets Car Bombed πŸ”— 1458028351  

Not a very good terror attack if so. Only casualty was the driver. Sounds more like a hit.

Walter Block jumping on the Trump Train πŸ”— 1458027628  


JCVD: Rockefeller/Rothschild Cabal won't let Trump Win πŸ”— 1458026385  

Well, at least he's smart enough to see the elections are a sham.

I'm liking Mises Brazil's Banners πŸ”— 1458026284  

Definitely the right message for down there.

Russia withdrawing from Syria πŸ”— 1457974128  

Mission Accomplished?

This must really have ZBig fuming.

The pattern behind primes discovered? πŸ”— 1457944393  

This is a huge, huge advancement.

Programming Frameworks: bad ideas πŸ”— 1457941924  

Agree 100%. JS is the place where this is on parade more than anything else, but PHP is also filled with such idiocy. Who knew that a templating language needs a templating language overlaid upon it.

Shona Banda update πŸ”— 1457941573  

The Man is trying to nail her for anything they can.

Ted Cruz Mobile App: Malware πŸ”— 1457941426  

As if you'd expect any less from a pol.

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