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In modern times, it seems as if governments are entirely unresponsive to the demands of the electorate. This is of course, due to the natural political phenomenon of rigging any system that matters, such as elections and financial exchanges. However, as of late, too many in electorate are catching on to the fact that the system is rigged, and that they have no real control. Phenomena such as the ever-lowering voter participation rate, and Occupy Wall Street are but a few examples of this.

So, the elites need some kind of new gimmick to distract the people, or at least get them to rationalize elite decisions as in line with their own. Traditionally, this has been war, and there seem to be no lack of attempts at this sort of maneuver by the modern states. However, even this is wearing thin, as noted before. The same people who realize the whole system is rigged know that war itself is a racket. Therefore, I propose a bold new experiment for the USA -- and like all other "bold" new proposals, it makes up for it's lack of substance with style.

The proposal I am making here is eminently passable; it requires no constitutional amendments, no changing of tax rates, and is completely opt-in. Simply put, I would make charitable deductions reduce your AGI (adjusted gross income), and include government organizations in the list of qualifing charities. This would allow those who are devout worshipers at the federal temple the option to allow their wise overlords to spend their tax allotment at their own discretion, while also allowing those more skeptical to redirect those funds to agencies they support, or even private charity. This would satisfy progressives and the welfare hordes, as it would not change rates or effect FICA/FUDA (social security/unemployment insurance) very much. This would also satisfy conservatives, who could redirect all their tax dollars away from funding abortion, and towards dropping bombs on brown people.

The government will also be quite pleased, as it will confer some much needed legitimacy and moral authority on the state. Like they say (falsely) about the national debt "we owe it to ourselves", we could similarly say that our government's priorities are "entirely controlled by the people", and are therefore democratically legitimate. This measure will also not serve as a meaningful check upon government power, being as they are primarily financed by borrowing and money printing anyways.

With all that in mind, I would name the bill the "Prioritization of National Spending & Investment" (PONSI) act. With this bill in place, I am confident that we can keep the rigged system and it's associated ponzi schemes running until the currency collapses. Which is to say, no different a time-line than the current situation; but there's a better chance that it does not end in guillotines for the operators, as might be the case with the current state of public opinion. The more blindsided the public is by the event, the more likely they'll buy the excuse that it was caused by communists/al-qaeda/militia groups. In short, it's change we can believe in.

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