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Zim finally capitulates, returns to gold standard πŸ”— 1660590038  

As happens eventually to all central bank regimes. When all other options are exhausted, they try doing the right thing for a change.

The Miles Kwok story gets crazier πŸ”— 1659907365  

Not sure if this guy is just a straight up scammer. Nevertheless, it wouldn't shock me if an intelligence plot developed around all this nonetheless.

Meanwhile, at Trump's "America First" campaign πŸ”— 1659621002  

Neocon swamp creatures enjoying the kayfabe

The market fights the fed once more πŸ”— 1659544417  

The degenerate gamblers refuse to believe the FED is serious about getting inflation under control after years of spiking the punchbowl. Who can blame them? J-Pow should give them a real shock and poison the punch bowl to scare these degenerates straight, but they'll instead hem and haw with half-measures until they have to do something drastic.

Breakthrough in Light Amplification using Lanthanides πŸ”—

1000x! You could have a telescope-on-a-chip (or microscope) with this.

Car loan market collapses πŸ”— 1658697259  

Surely legalizing NINJA loans shall lead to the salvation of the realm

Our Problems are NOT procedural πŸ”— 1658161707  

Gee maybe 30+ years of insane policy has deleterious effects? It's more likely than you think. Soycial media crap is the same old crap in a shiny new package and used by n00bs that don't know any better and so think they's SPESHUL. Eternal september of the spotless mind.

NL Nitrogen crisis 100% bogus πŸ”— 1657640126  

The farmers are right to violently oppose what is a thinly disguised "land reform" campaign by radical communists wrapping themselves in a green cloak.

Abe Whacked for being a moonie πŸ”— 1657474937  

He who liveth by the sword

NATO to create 300k man army πŸ”— 1656431299  

Very troubling news. Mobilizations always mean war.

USG forces technical default on RU πŸ”— 1656431205  

Yet more escalations by the retard patrol called the US state department

HWFO gets it πŸ”— 1655991203  

This is the path to a lasting peace:

You can stage your show elections. I will ignore them. You can keep your oligarchy. I will keep my guns. And I will not consider giving them back until you willfully dismantle your oligarchy so I don’t have to shoot you one day. Your fear will guide your actions to ensure things never get so bad as to provoke a revolt, and we all live peacefully and happily ever after.
Technological means to prevent encroachments are the only things that actually work. When we get practical teleportation and invisibility is when their power is totally shattered. I see great things in the future on all these fronts.

Mortgage Mills about to be sent to the gas chamber πŸ”— 1655220626  

> Many MBS were no bid

Great classical proof of an important prime number hypothesis πŸ”— 1654532176  

Provably bounding the erdos number here (and the technique used) will likely crack some other longstanding problems. I like it.

Turns out Sidis was right all along about thermodynamics πŸ”— 1654182830  

Entirely reversible, like most physical laws.

As expected, India and China being a beard for Russian goods πŸ”— 1654119573  

Does nobody tell these retards that commodities are fungible?

Ultra RDE built by UCF πŸ”— 1654021898  

Incredible news. Will change warfare and space travel.

On the Next war πŸ”— 1654018527  

Looks like a rat-line to create Daesh in the Sahel.

Mish nails why this recession is gonna be incredibly bad πŸ”— 1653054939  

Sanctions policy and Quarantine policy over the last 2 years have dynamited the international division of labor. Huge amounts of effort will have to be expended producing things domestically at lower efficiencies than we could by leveraging international specialization. This is without much labor slack and a declining workforce. I see no indication that policymakers are anything but clueless fools who don't even understand the first thing about how mutually beneficial exchange works. They will also continue to exacerbate problems with their deranged obsession with reducing energy usage (and thereby crippling productivity).

Lupus cause identified? πŸ”— 1652791171  

If so, a Guanosinine inhibitor would likely be an effective therapy.

Meanwhile in Zim: back to counting wealth in heads of cattle πŸ”— 1652704525  

Makes you think that "Uncle Ted was right" in some ways -- A society below a certain IQ & Eductaion level will never do the right thing with abstractions such as currency. They need "the real thing" -- something concrete. Yet another feather in Gold's Cap.

FED bunga mode engaged: Interest now paid on ALL reserves, not just "excess" πŸ”— 1652663312  

Stealth Bailout DIS BIG

FAA Rug-Pulls the nascent eVTOL industry πŸ”— 1652207885  

Their whole purpose is to prevent flight for the common man, so this is unsurprising.

On the current state of the current thing ('bortin) πŸ”— 1652193557  

I'm Pro Lapse

BBC acks the purity spiral πŸ”— 1652127301  

Of course they don't take the obvious conclusion and understand that Christ solves this. The deranged search for sacrifices in the social climber game need not be played at all, ye debased sinners.

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