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progrockfarmer interviews Greenwald πŸ”— 1617199584  

I’d respect it more if it were consciously cynical. The fact that these imbecilic media cretins and career State Department and CIA functionaries actually believe themselves when they say that they’re deeply offended by the repression of Putin or the CCP or Iranian mullahs or Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro β€” right after they get off a call about the latest U.S. arms shipments to the Saudi monarchs or cash transfers to Egyptian despots or support for a coup against the democratically elected government in Bolivia β€” is frightening. How could anyone believe that the U.S. actually opposes domestic repression? That kind of self-delusion means humans can get themselves to believe literally anything. That’s more frightening to me than if they were knowingly lying for power.
In which Greenwald shows he really gets it. Bravo.

Best "Attacking the left from the left" article in a while πŸ”— 1617196603  

Or perhaps this new taste for censorship is an indication of Democratic healthiness. This is a party that has courted professional-managerial elites for decades, and now they have succeeded in winning them over, along with most of the wealthy areas where such people live. Liberals scold and supervise like an offended ruling class because to a certain extent that’s who they are. More and more, they represent the well-credentialed people who monitor us in the workplace, and more and more do they act like it.
Excellent work. As such, it has the BlueAnon kooks in full 360 head spinning mode.

Yarvin on Censorship πŸ”— 1617169160  

At this point, rather than go full autism and just say "I advocate nothing, I menace no one", going full HAM mad magazine mode makes more sense.

This is why I advocate banning literally everything, and I am 100% serious about this. If we ban everything, only outlaws will do anything, which is a guaranteed improvement over the current state of affairs.

At the end of the day, even treating this stuff as seriously as Yarvin does here is to let it defeat you. I'm just not gonna play that game. It's all meaningless calvinball, who cares?

New blog post πŸ”— 1617135395  

On how the US is shooting itself in the head with it's tax policy

The hedgies are at it again πŸ”—

I accidentally lost billions. YOLO. This is the first victim of the covid crows coming to roost.

The case for vengeance πŸ”—

It turns out, it's not just "reason enough". The most interesting reading in a while. Yet another piece of evidence in the "no social technology really works at scale" pile.

On laws and gods πŸ”— 1616947559  

In which the inevitability of revolution becomes clear.

The truth of the post-industrial society πŸ”— 1616946006  

It's really just a civilizational collapse because we're out of ideas to increase production.

Congress clowns: auto-censor plz πŸ”— 1616943589  

Treat us like all them enemy combatants overseas. Empire comes home.

Strange UAVs buzzing US Destroyers πŸ”— 1616772762  

My my, sounds like the navy brass got their panties in a bunch over this one.

SSC on the censorship brouhaha πŸ”—

Sorta buys the argument libertarians are inconsistent because "they're a private company, hurr durr". Look, I say let 'em. These big tech companies are well known .gov collaborators and absolute rascals. I encourage them fully to engage in as much anti-market behavior as possible, in order to hasten their march into the grave. Evolutionary things like libertarian free markets require strong signals, and "get woke, go broke" is the best.

CIA et al openly spying domestically πŸ”— 1616602077  

You love it, slave

Another reason not to be in California πŸ”— 1616519195  

Just squat in the house you sell to never have to give it up but enjoy the money from the sale. EZ money

Yarvin's take on COVID is fully bogus πŸ”—

Extreme authoritarianism works, because viruses aren’t magic. Extreme libertarianism works, because a naked, completely unleashed market can adapt as fast as any virus. We have inductive evidence for authoritarianism. We have to deduce libertarianism. We can still argue about the moderate window between themβ€”but we know it sucks.

Moreover, what if even these concepts of libertarianism and authoritarianism trap us within a simplistic frame? They seem to be oppositesβ€”but they both work. Suppose we could construct some kind of five-dimensional political geometry under which they were actually one thing? Libertarian authoritarianism might work even better…
Maybe, just maybe the deaths are good, and you shouldn't try to stop it? Maybe evolutionary pressure is the answer to retroviral phenomena? Nobody wants to hear this take, it's too real.

Looks like things are shaping up for USA + Turkey alliance on Syria πŸ”— 1616513566  

As expected, the only way they could get it done and save face while hating on Russia is to throw the YPG under the bus.

JPM: The retail investors are evolving!!!! πŸ”— 1616441915  

Presumably they are worried that "we no longer require your services" just like with cryptocurrency obsoleting the big banksters.

Stallman back at FSF πŸ”— 1616424181  

Good. The departure was all stupid kabuki anyways.

IRS arrests Ian Freeman πŸ”— 1616423733  

Among the accusations is running a satanic bitcoin cult. Sounds about right for the usual hyperbole the MAN slings.

CV19: The West ensures its' death πŸ”— 1616423631  

Even the Hun fell for it.

USA wasting money on "ship killer missiles" πŸ”— 1615825292  

A waste of money as usual. Why bother with ship killers when nukes take out the entire fleet?

Terror attack on Iranian Tanker: Israel the Culprit πŸ”— 1615824731  

Shocked, simply shocked

CV19 mass vaccinations: Cruising for a Bruising πŸ”—

I would argue that turning it into a "super-virus" via mutation pressure was the point, but I'm a bit paranoid on these things.

The follow up on Cryptogon is also good.

Alex Jones: Lost Laptop with 10k BTC on it πŸ”—

lulz, no wonder Keiser stopped going on his show

Actual cure for allergies found? πŸ”— 1615572039  

Great stuff, will BOLO for investments in this vein going forward.

Predictably, calls to "moderate" substack have come πŸ”— 1615567811  

Greenwald says mean things about us waa

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