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Eric Margolis on the Gaza situation πŸ”— 1718118403  

As hinted at by Eric in TFA, the divide between the largely austro-german heritage Jews who hew closely to principle versus the Jews of the pale of settlement who largely treat their orthodoxy as a religion of crime due to their "thou shalt go nuts when it comes to the goy" attitude is of the utmost importance. There's no conspiracy that the latter sharks swam towards blood and became the Rothschilds and Korshaks of the world; they were simply the smartest of the hoods. This line of argumentation is how you "attack the Jews from the torah", rather than just going Stormfront on their ass. Such is no better than the way the regime in Israel treats their Judean and Samarian captives; they likely could have peacefully converted most of them had they the the wisdom to try rather than treat them as goy to be ridden roughshod over.

Korean Politics gets Retarded πŸ”— 1717512718  

NK floats over a flaming bag of poo in response to floated leaflets. While I also would like to mail spammers a flaming bag of poo (and thus sympathize), retarded spats like this are no reason to end a de-escalatory agreement RE one's borders. That's the really childish thing here.

DNC crosses the rubicon πŸ”— 1717172978  

First time they've locked up a POTUS contender since Debs, and first time it's been done to the RNC. From here I presume the game will be DOJ filing in all 50 states to take him off the ballot. Hard to see how this doesn't clinch him either winning the election or people finally having the courage to call the regime totally illegitimate.

F-Troop's grisly strategy to enforce the "closing of the gun show loophole" πŸ”— 1716929945  

Simply murder anyone with standing, so the ruling can't ever be challenged. No Man, No problem.

How the CIA took over social media πŸ”— 1716575114  

Pretty much the same way that the mob took over union pension funds back in the day. Like the mob, I'm sure they aren't just using this to shape public opinion (union legbreakers at your local polling place), but to steal.

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