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The big bang never happened πŸ”— 1701801415  

As anyone who read WJ Sidis' 100 year old book knew already. The difference is now the cosmologists have data screaming at them to look at the wide open holes in their theories they have neglected up to date.

On the state of the Russian Oligarchy πŸ”— 1701799615  

VVP pinkie swears he won't tax those creeps if they de-offshore their operations. Any of the oligarchs with brains will scurry back to Israel and cut their losses, but it appears for now their greed is getting the best of them, as he's offering the carrot of seized western assets. The "stick" of a subsequent oligarch dinner where they are all taken out and shot if they don't pay taxes comes later (if at all, as RU patriots suspect).

Wharton does the math on the fiscus πŸ”— 1701797670  

As we've mentioned here before multiple times, the feds are "on borrowed time". If they can't get spending under control (spoiler alert) the end comes much sooner than 2050.

Trump II campaign promises sounding pretty natpopped πŸ”— 1701797225  

How very lincolnesque of this yank. If he actually pulls a nazbol attack off against the USSA's bioleninist regime, he'll be our man of steel(ing things). Stalinist purges but with "your fired!" BLAM! on national TV. Ha! as if. More likely, the ship of state will simply continue to list for the next 20 years until we default.

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