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Headline Nudes - (03.31.15):

Being a Kop is a pretty Sweet Job

Show up to work drunk with three flat tires, beat up your supervisor. He'll probably be fired, but he's been fired before for similar shenanigans (only to be reinstated due to connections in the "fraternal order").

Death Sentences as Electioneering

Talk about some truly depraved individuals.

Advances in Writing Playback

I'm still not sure why you'd want to do it, but an interesting exploration anyways.

Brazil: Rothbardian Movement making Headway?

Interesting. The AP covered it in order to smear it. Looks like Mises Brazil is having an impact.

Turkey: Rolling Blackouts

The bounties of socialism.

BONUS: Commie terrorist kidnappers! This doesn't sound like GLADIO counter-guerrilla ergenkon being revived, not at all...

40% of "Millenials": No Homo

Salon says this is "Surprisingly Conservative". Yeah, only if you don't poll the attitudes of previous generations. I doubt you'll find as much tolerance in Gen X or before then. Nice try.

Willie Nelson: Weed Entrepreneur

Hopefully it turns out better than BioWillie. I guess at the least it'll be a good tax write off for him, but maybe it'll work out.

Poland: Mass Exorcism

Yeah, that'll work to get the kids to come out to church camp. Personally, having an exorcism on just anyone is probably a bit overboard. I understand it has helped some people, but usually they had what most would consider severe mental problems that had resisted other treatment. Basically the kind of stuff you'd see in "Glimpses of the Devil" by Peck.

SCOTUS: GPS Tracking 4th Amendment Violation

By that logic, the NSA should be abolished. I won't hold my breath.

Ernie on what's coming

The future's even brighter than this, considering spheromak technology, advances in solar and quantum computing.

Austrian "Bad Bank" failure starting to ripple

The counterparty risk and exposure here is the first in what will likely be a series of write-downs.

Houthis: Not Iranian Proxies (yet)

I suspect that will change if the Saudis do more than threaten with those 1/8th million troops on the border, even though the Iranians consider the Zaidis there to be heretical.

NSA hurting for recruits, supposedly

Good, F 'em

US to Egypt Junta: I can't quit you

All pending Foriegn Aid since '13 unfrozen. I guess that was the price for their assistance in this latest adventure in Yemen.

Saudis blocking humanitarian aid from entering Yemen

Uncle Satan really backs some winners, ya know
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