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Headline Nudes - (09.18.14):

Bull Indicators

National Debt is exploding W style on our warmongering buildup, it seems. Meanwhile, the Russians and South Africans are busy emulating Gideon Gono.


Reminds me of certain primitive lifeforms

US Declares War on Russian Titanium

Wow. That is really stupid. That place is THE titanium zone. Thank you for high prices, USG.

Optical Rube Goldberg

Petraeus crony to run anti-ISIS war

I'm sure that will (not) work just like last time.

Pakistanis showing proper contempt for authority

Stupid Pols hold up a flight for hours, get shouted out of the plane.

The "Efficient Majors Hypothesis"

lulz from RPM

Update on the Threat Management Center

They're still doing god's work up there in Detroit. More successful than ever.
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