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Headline Nudes - (08.20.14):

GoTenna: Text with shortwave

Finally. Getting away from the lamestream spectrum of you're so not allowed.

Nature pool

Looks fun. It's like a swimming hole with a pool paradropped into it.

Bionic Mosquito nails it

The solution really is ridiculously simple when you think about it. Just quit the coercive funding and even the evil organizations of the state will eventually be brought to heel; they will have to serve the public instead of Satan way more often than happens now.

Meanwhile, Wenzel has a surprisingly mushy-headed & unclear call to action about the police and their latest shenanigans. He should know better that there's not a damn thing that can be done to rein them in aside from withdrawal of carrot or application of stick. Since he's wisely against the latter, he should consider explicitly advocating the 'quit paying for this BS' solution.

DIY Genomics

At the end of the day, the patient has the best incentives (with the notable exception of hypochondriacs). Doctors should welcome this sort of thing -- more researchers means lighter loads to bear and more lives saved in the future.

It also means an end to the vile and backwards cartels that have dominated the medical professions for years, so expect significant pushback.

UK PM: we gotta kill us some a-rabs

Gotta look MUSCULAR or hodgee wins!!!1 The usual sort of propaganda message you would expect from whitehall.

The telegram: still a big deal in Japan

Hey, our politicians still live on faxes. This sounds cooler than that though.

Bubble Monitor

Neat installation.

Guardian: USG behind latin american gang crisis

Good to see more outfits wising up to the drug warriors' scams.

More follies in psych

Hey, our medical cartel is so inbred and stupid, we think that drugs saving lives in other countries don't exist and that you're a dangerous extremist for suggesting their use. These clowns need a drug that makes them figure out they are government worshipers casting runes rather than empiricists.

The youtube lives of 3 year olds

Apparently unboxing of toys hits their joy button. This should not come as a surprise, but the uncovering of other bizarre subcultures like 'things that fit together with other things' was interesting. I've heard of people with bad cases of 'tetris syndrome', but that takes the cake.

Yet another facist murderer covered for by the BND

That outfit's 'Operation Gehlen' and GLADIO heritage still seems to be going strong.

NH Gov: Jaked up THC (spice) a 'state of emergency'

Sounds like people are in danger of getting serious cases of the munchies. Or getting their assets forfeited in a night raid by po-po. I'd say the police epidemic they have qualifies as an emergency, but not the kind the Governor intends here.

Nicaragua canal looks to be happening

In the long run having competition will be good for international trade. However, it will be made with crony financing, vast theft of land and corvee labor. So I'm not that excited about it.

BAILOUT PLAN: China edition

I hope they've got a blowhard like Jim Kramer screaming "THEY HAVE NO IDEA" on their financial lies network too.

Tales of police heroics

You'd be better off calling hippies -- the chance the encounter results in your fatality is far lower, and the likelyhood they'll actually improve your situation through investigation is about the same.

Funny, since police are so ineffective, it's justified to consider 911 a superstitious ritual.

George Hansen: RIP

One of the only congresscritters to go up against the gang called the IRS. They showed him how 'coequal' the congress really was. Showed him real good.

Political Illustration

The best bit about the Ferguson situation? People are figuring out that the MSM are massively racist government supremacists.

Justin Raimondo has an important piece out today about how the Ferguson situation is just our empire coming home to roost. Read it.
Ferguson is a conquered province, no different in principle from Fallujah after the "surge" or occupied Gaza. The "crime" of the Fergusonians – like the Iraqis and the Gazans – is that they are fighting back. In their inchoate, doomed, and heroic way, these much put-upon people, members of a color-caste that once wore actual chains in this country, are getting up off their knees and defying the mightiest military machine the world has ever been cursed to know. For ten days – and counting – they have been putting up a heroic resistance that every person who loves liberty must stand and salute.

BONUS: Dan Sanchez also has a good piece in this vein.

More on the Occupy Snipers

As always, it's exposed as a plot by the MIC.

To Cops, Submission is Cooperation

Wow. That "Professor of Homeland Security" guy sounds like a massive douchebag.

Life in deep space

Bacteria think the outside of the ISS is a-ok.

Iraq war 2 looks to be full GO GO GO

The murder of a journo the other day seems to have been just the crisis they needed.
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