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Headline Nudes - (01.30.15):

More of the left gets it wrt/ the SJWs

Again, acting so intolerant (in the name of tolerance!) that neo-puritan is an accurate portrayal is not a way to win friends and influence people.

Speaking of heresy

Being on the AGW bandwagon, but not thinking it dangerous is also considered thought-crime. That's pretty close to my position; warming? Yes. Manmade? inconclusive. Dangerous? Far from it -- in fact, beneficial to all but those owning beach condos.

JFPO: The Sellout Continues

A pity. They could power the building by putting a coil around Zelman's grave - he's probably spinning at several thousand RPMs at this point.

DPR: Clearly Pissed off

I'd say the situation has escalated to a full on "Grant vs. Lee, I'll kill you if you disagree" kind of situation.

Silicon Valley: Hipster Churches

Kool Aid Jesus

Social Security disability program to run out of money at the end of 2016

Uncle sam likely to deliver a lump of coal in the form of a payroll tax hike this xmas.

TX to get a "Chris Kyle Day" on Feb. 2

As if we didn't already have enough jingoistic holidays - I guess now we wait for Phil to 'never see it coming' for an early spring.

Cutest Robots Yet

Turkey Accidentally $8bn

Corruption? In MY Turkey?
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