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Headline Nudes - (12.18.14):

Guess who also Loves Torture?

This poll shows every group interviewed in the USA, regardless of political orientation, supported torture in at least some circumstance. The key to this poll is the light blue column versus the others; it is telling that so called 'liberals' only were hardcore about this 33% of the time.

BONUS: Leave it to the VietCong to figure it out decades ago.

BONUS: In fact, leave it to Napoleon.

US Army: IN Superfund Site too Dangerous to Clean

Yet another legacy of WWII. Looks like it'll be like the Hanford Site - never to be cleaned, sure to cause trouble.

Maryland gets $1bn Surveillance Blimp

Yeesh. What did they make this thing out of for it to cost a billion dollars? Blue Halliburton Tarps?

Barret Brown Sentencing Delayed

Not due to a sudden outbreak of sanity, but instead to ensure that he's thrown under the jail.

The Rise of the Presidential Memoranda

Because being Captain EO just isn't tyrannous enough.

Rand Paul hanging out with Goldman Sachs

More from the JEB * RAND 2016 angle of things, unfortunately.

"The Interview" movie state department propaganda

So they basically encouraged an ending with the assasination of KJU. No wonder Sony's backing off. Don't wanna be seen as a toady of uncle satan pushing propaganda; that's bad for business.
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