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Headline Nudes - (08.30.14):

Obama: We have no Strategy

Wait... I thought the plan was the same as ever -- generate more blowback.

TX Border Patrol: Shoot First

Ask questions later. What is this? Prison camp? Oh yeah...


Implying that ostensibly Muslim terrorists would be operating out of a majority Catholic city sounds a bit far fetched to me.

The economist gets it right for once

Sez USG == Mafia. Mind you, they don't get that as a mafia, some companies become 'made men', as well.

Clinton payoff by NBC over

Is this an elite signal that Hillary is off the plate for 2016?

Lew Rockwell: is it the libertarian moment?

Haha, no. It's the year of the linux desktop, amirite?

While there are more libertarians than ever, the totalitarian humanists are still on the top of the heap. A couple of generations have to die of old age before that changes.

Paging Bernanke: Helicopter drops in vogue again?

This is probably a red herring thrown to the beltway crowd to give them something to do other than focus on real issues.

Uke war update

The cities are being shelled heavily, but most of the Uke army have taken heavy losses and are having to fall back in the south. So, it's going more or less as I expected. Attacking Russians and not expecting defense in depth is still foolishness.

UPDATE: Kiev in full panic mode now that they've been routed almost everywhere. Mish has some neat tactical maps and so forth.

And speaking of foolishness, Poland is up to it's old tricks. How'd that war guarantee work out last time guys?

CA drought: the solution is more coercion

Not market prices, those aren't even considered. Worth noting the places worst hit by drought have the most centralized and crony water infrastructure.

Banks: to get bailed out for being hacked



220hz root clicking language

Stasi on the Ferry

Blockwalters get more and more common and brazen with each passing day.

Study: democracy lowers the price of corruption

UHDUUUUUH -- the pols don't care. It's not their money.

USG Renunciation fee upp 422%

How DARE the slaves run away?

ALS proximate cause found?

If so, a cure should be doable finally.

Utah polygamy laws struck down

Yet another step in getting the state out of marriage.

Liberal Empire?

Yeah, that's definitely not true. Even Mises, minarchist as he was, could see through the BS propaganda used to sell colonialism, contrary to McCarthy taking him out of context.

Innovations in Concrete Printing

Looking forward to what this guy does next.
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