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Headline Nudes - (07.25.14):

Al-Jazeera jumps on the No-Snitchin' train

The former special agent-in-charge for the FBI in Northern Ohio, Ted Wasky, told Al Jazeera that “the use of informants and witnesses that proactively work to investigate crimes is the foundation of the FBI.”
FBI stands for "Fabrication of Bogus Intelligence".


Interesting how Eric Prince says "We did precisely what we were paid to do" still. Considering the depravity of our government, I can't say I disagree. A laugh to hear the statists here saying you suddenly become accountable with a shiny badge. Also, STAGING alert: Outer Heaven edition?

ISIS Detonates the Tomb of Jonah?

Well, I guess we'll never know whether he was buried there or not now.

NZ Confirms what Doge has said for Years

Yep, the 2/3rds of people on earth (who live on the coast) magically fear global warming due to it possibly affecting them negatively. Inlanders, of course, don't really give a shit, and rightly so, as if it exists, it would probably benefit them.

TX - McLennan County: Public Defender? That's Suspicious

...what McLennan is doing is essentially forcing people to give up one right (the Fourth Amendment’s guarantee against unreasonable searches) to secure another (the Sixth Amendment’s right to have a lawyer).

Truefax on "The Law" from Martin Armstrong

He who Makes the Laws never goes to Jail for Breaking them.

Remember, when you have rulers, there are no rules.

Political Illustration

Reminds me of this classic from dees.

Colombia: Legalizing it?

A great thing if true.

Berwick on Mexican Silver Standard

It's a bogus story. He interviewed the guy supposedly behind it to get the truth, which though interesting, is definitely not what the original story said it was.

TechCrunch covers MaidSafe

Looks like everybody is seeing how this makes sense when they encounter it. The libertarian infection is coming!

Good Zing on Krugtron by Bionic Mosquito

Always fun seeing what Murphy calls Kontradictions.

States looking to put LGBTs in a Database

Fire up the ovens boys! We've got some scapegoats!

...I mean, uh, we need this data to better 'serve' our constituents.

Toddlers: More dangerous than Terrorists

Yeah, I get that. "Terrible Twos" and whatnot. They certainly seem to cause more trouble on planes than the FBI's patsies.

Next Gen Hearing Aids?

Sounds like a neat design. *badum tish*
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