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Headline Nudes - (07.27.15):

Telomere extension: works

Been waiting for someone to synthesize an ECC strand of RNA to fix this. Excellent news.

Turkey 2 NATO: save us!

Use article 4 as an excuse to go and take over Syria. What a farce.

Varoufakis & Co: Hacked greek revenue service

To establish their money printing dreams. Since they didn't control their own treasury (it's run by the ECB), they'd have to resort to extralegal means to print Euros.

BetterCap: A better ettercap

This stuff is super handy for generating mocks of HTTP services.

China Crash back On

Market down 8.5% in a day. Bullish

Washington has ripped off the mask

Great essay by Dimitri Orlov. It's about time the world quit looking to Uncle Satan for leadership -- maybe, just maybe it will take globocop off the beat and we can have peace in the USA for a little while.

"Everyone has the right to insult cops"

Meanwhile, the police insist they also have a right to rob/murder/enslave you at any time for any reason. Sounds like it will work out (haha)

French Girl: first to be in major leagues?

Even if she's not any good, it'd be good business to put her on a team; any excuse for PR to get those seats filled.

Chrysler: recalling to fix hacking

Realize the PR disaster they got from releasing non-isolated systems. Even then, adding a firewall isn't a perfect solution. They should anticipate customer demand for "dumb" vehicles.

Thugman: Ron Paul is a scam

To keynesians, living for anything but today is a scam.

Putin fires 110,000 officials

The monarch of Russia rightly sees the threat bureaucracy poses to him. Since bureaucrats are useless people generally, the king is actually acting in the interests of his people as well, albeit coincidentally.

Prostitute puts down serial killer of prostitutes

You go girl

M4L update

Looks like they had a good time at PorcFest.

Sega Genesis: Still going strong in Brazil

Sold more units than the PS4 did in the USA this year

Fibbies' "Terror Expert": Idiot

...but I repeat myself.


He was in charge of maintaining standards. Clearly he was an upstanding man.
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