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Headline Nudes - (11.27.14):

Ferguson Kop no-billed

Pics of Lootstravaganza '14 here. Again, I knew he'd been no-billed when they declared a state of emergency last week.

Hagel Out as SecDef

Not hawkish enough for the new congress, I surmise.

Mexico "Normales" controversy Roundup

VICE has done a good summary of this.

A lot like in Ferguson, the murder victims are not exactly choir boys. Still doesn't justify their deaths though. Another nail in the narcostate's coffin.

Rand Paul: Attacked embassies an act of war

Raimondo has rightly called him out for basically justifying war on the world (as US embassies are a popular target worldwide).

Ukraine Update

The government over there is (trying) to build a wall on the Russian border, but running out of money. The other interesting tidbit is that apparently the Ukie Capo has opened up governmental positions to foreign nationals. No point in pretending not to be puppets anymore? The cover story is to get an independent third party to root out corruption.

Speaking of puppets, in case you wondered where GLADIO fit in to all of this:

Very interesting insight into Russian Domestic Politics

Sounds a lot like the same problems as over here, though to a lesser degree. The state remains evil everywhere.

Obama Bundler: Child Rapist

As far as I can tell, being a reprobate is basically the price of admission to being part of the political elite. If they don't have dirt, they can't trust you.

Snap pics of DHS vehicles? Terrorist.

#How2GetFired. Doesn't he know how it works? It's all fiefdoms for the police gangs; the elections are for show.

2 Interesting coming Israeli Bills

One to expel and sieze the property of undesirables, and the other to become an explicitly jewish state. The likudniks are doing the best they can to emulate their former oppressors.
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