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Headline Nudes - (07.01.15):

Cuba and USA to get embassies back

Good. Normalized relations need to happen.

ISS Resupply Explodes (again)

Oops, guess you shouldn't have pissed off the Russians.

MIT makes Bugfix Injector?

BTW, this is what game modders have been doing for years. Just now catching up, MIT?
Once it’s imported code into a vulnerable application, CodePhage can provide a further layer of analysis that guarantees that the bug has been repaired.
Ha Ha

Obama to allow Puerto Rico to go Bankrupt?

Ah, yes, I remember. There's no big banksters holed up there, so thus no bailout.

Ed Harrison on the Eurozone

This is a flawed institutional arrangement which guarantees economic distress and crisis.
Darn tootin'

British troops need to go on Twitter to spread “lies” to fight ISIS


Robin Hooding makes national news

Nice, except for the part where the anchors blindly take the word of the city officials, which the investigative reporter clearly wasn't doing.
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