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Headline Nudes - (05.28.15):

US Military Thraxes itself via FedEx


Kops: The existential Threat

Darn skippy.

Qatar: Grind your Bones to make my Mortar

The death toll for constructing their world cup stadium shines a light on their slavery program.

Twitter having fun with Patriot Act Expiry

Oh Noes!

Tony Blair Quits Job as Middle East Peace Envoy

Well, he never really wanted that, so...

Tajik SF Capo joins ISIS

Sounds like the USA needs more of their boys over there.

FIFA Arrests not actually about Ethics in Soccering

USA is busy being a lolcow about Russia securing the 2018 world cup hosting rights. Putin, of course, sees right through it -- If they really cared about corruption, they'd have arrested the leadership of the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and Pro Boxing first.

Who is Viskhan Vakhabov?

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