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Headline Nudes - (04.24.14):

Vin's latest column is good (Bundys and Gun Grabbers)

Someday Eastern environmentalists will succeed in getting federal officials to “establish” their irrational Green religion at gunpoint, all the range cattle will be gone, and no one will be eating anything but hormone- and antibiotic-laced feedlot meat. Hope you enjoy it.

Political Illustration

What's wrong with this picture?

Racism Smears begin against Cliven Bundy

Means he's touched a nerve. Naturally they're upset that he asks if the negro is much better off than their ancestors by being on the federal plantation. Can't let them figure out that it's the same old BS, just a different master now. Not surprising the guy walked into the verbal minefield considering he's a constitutionalist, though.

UPDATE: Cliven has gone on both AJ and Peter Schiff's show to clarify that he definitely disapproves of slavery for the black man, be it to the feds or long dead southern bogeys.

BONUS: Rand Paul jumps on the dasraciss bandwagon. One assumes that he's going to call his own father racist over the newsletters back in the 80s next.

Yet another SWATing

Guy calls the party van on a guy who beat him at cawadoody. Real mature behavior.

Latest neocon gambit: Bomb Syria... for Ukraine

The propaganda has officially reached the point of ridiculous.
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