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Headline Nudes - (07.28.14):

Star Spangled Banner: DASS RACISS

The censored third verse blamed the slaves for all of America's ills. Sound familiar?

DC Gun Laws: Unconstitutional

How many federal judges will have to rule on this before they give up and realize that the cretins in DC don't care what the laws are.

Kool Ade Man found Dead in Chinese River


Fischer publicly dissenting with FOMC

Good for him. Sharing mostly because I have a comment on the end of this article:
Of course, the real problem is that all of America is riding in the back seat of that car being driven by Yellen.
More like America is bound and gagged in the trunk, right?

Symbotic Gut Virus

Love the name: crAssphage. lol

Man convicted for Insulting Kop online

They may as well codify the 'contempt of cop is a crime' amendment, since it's de-facto true.

CSS Card Deck

Pretty cool. Would be neat for an online gambling app.

VP of Devil's Advocacy: How to Think like a Customer

Remember, nobody is going to be as critical about your product as your customers, since you should be making the assumption that they are not stupid. Of course, this causes you to man up to your own manifold failures and fix problems, so it usually isn't done at most companies.

OK Cupid on their Market Experiments

Neat findings. Also good for the budding propagandist, no doubt.

Spain wants to tax Hyperlinks

As history has taught us, they continue to be a trend setter in hilariously bad tax policy.
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