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Headline Nudes - (04.18.15):

Working From home: The definitive study

It's good for you. And your business.

Dutch central bank: hires a dominatrix as "adviser"

Apparently it's illegal to perform acts that "degrade the profession" of prostitution in the Netherlands. Being a wicked central planning banker on the side sounds like one of those things.

Hack a 747's flight controls through the entertainment system

I'd have uploaded this to the glass cockpit

Liberland: the newest micronation

Not sure if trolling, but I'll wait and see how this bit of terra nullius turns out.

National guard: Protestors are enemy combatants

Tell us how you really feel.

The vermont branch of MKULTRA

Yet another "battle lab" where they are eternally trying to justify torture.

Corruption in the 7th fleet

Anybody looking at pentagram procurement realizes this is the norm. When they get caught, the merchant always takes the fall; almost never the officers enjoying the kickbacks.

FDR spied on Leonard Reed of FEE

Naturally FDR saw him as an opponent of his totalitarian program.

FBI's head anthrax investigator goes whistleblower

He's finally filing suit over those bogus war lies that got Ivins killed. Good on him.

Lincoln: Imperialist Gangster

Good way to demonstrate the extortive situation with the Morrill tarriff that precipitated the war or northern aggression.

Former IMF capo being investigated for fraud

If only all fractional reserve practicioners were investigated for the fraud they engage in as their primary business.

New Zealand: Spying on Bangladesh

What business do they have spying on anyone? Can't they just live in peace? Of course not, being members of the Anglo empire of evil.

More callouts of the SJWs for their authoritarianism

When a movement literally uses newspeak and doublethink, you can be assured it is authoritarian.

Ukie liquidation list: hosted on NATO servers

GLADIO does run death squads.

Israel: Arming Ukraine?

Supposedly in response to the delivery of S300s to Iran. Of course, like all the rest of the empire, Israel was already sending arms to the Ukies.

16k killed by cops in the last 15 years

Terrorists are nothing compared to the police epidemic.
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