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Headline Nudes - (04.16.14):

Political Illustration

Interesting theory on what the Eleusenium Agrostis was: DMT

From the "Food of the Gods" department.

PCR's analysis of the Ukranian Situation is pretty on the mark

The danger for Russia is that the Russian government will rely on diplomacy, international organizations, international cooperation, and on the common sense and self-interest of German politicians and politicians in other of Washington’s European puppet states.

For Russia this could be a fatal mistake. There is no good will in Washington, only mendacity. Russian delay provides Washington with time to build up forces on Russia’s borders and in the Black Sea and to demonize Russia with propaganda and whip up the US population into a war frenzy. The latter is already occurring.

Kerry has made it clear to Lavrov that Washington is not listening to Russia. As Washington pays well, Washington’s European puppets are also not listening to Russia. Money is more important to European crooks than humanity’s survival.

In my opinion, Washington does not want the Ukraine matters settled in a diplomatic and reasonable way. It might be the case that Russia’s best move is immediately to occupy the Russian territories of Ukraine and re-absorb the territories into Russia from whence they came. This should be done before the US and its NATO puppets are prepared for war. It is more difficult for Washington to start a war when the objects of the war have already been lost. Russia will be demonized with endless propaganda from Washington whether or not Russia re-absorbs its traditional territories. If Russia allows these territories to be suppressed by Washington, the prestige and authority of the Russian government will collapse. Perhaps that is what Washington is counting on.

If Putin’s government stands aside while Russian Ukraine is suppressed, Putin’s prestige will plummet, and Washington will finish off the Russian government by putting into action its many hundreds of Washington-financed NGOs that the Russian government has so foolishly tolerated. Russia is riven with Washington’s Fifth columns.
I suspect the latest stuff in the eastern provinces will result in another annexation; but I doubt it will be the entirety of Ukraine. Which will cause lots of trouble down the line; but when the US is meddling, it's kind of hard to avoid trouble. That said, I have severe doubts about the efficacy of US fifth columnists. Unlike the Tsar, Putin is actually popular, so I see a revolt over the outcome of this unlikely without a direct war with the USA.

The Secret War in Africa

I suspected that afriCON couldn't resist trying to counter Chinese influence on the continent. As such, they're building drone bases all over the place. The gods must be crazy, eh?

I'm sure this will all work perfectly, just like it is in the Arab world. Just wait until we get some of those crazed southern African commies blowing up Americans because we're "Over There". They actually know how to do things without the FBI running the op!
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