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Headline Nudes - (11.22.14):

...And then there were none

Great sci-fi from '51 I had never read before.

ANFO: reason behind airbag recall

The gift that keeps on killing. That stuff is anything but shelf stable in the conditions cars are expected to operate in.

How Poo came to america

OSX terminals are aware of this and print it correctly. This has become a favorite branch name for code of mine.

EFF to launch free cert signing service?

Not sure it'll work out -- the costs involved are tied up in figuring out that you are who you say you are.

Ukraine Update

China Recognizes that Crimea now belongs to Russia. Meanwhile, Big Soda wants you to believe it's all "SERFDOM REINSTATED" over in Crimea, even though it's been that way ever since the soviet collapse in Ukraine. The USA, of course is busy sending more "Non-Lethal" Military aid. Is that phrase enough of a grotesque evasion, or what?

USA Commemorates 500th Drone Strike

This is for strikes outside of "War Zones", mind you. Kill count so far: 3,674. Zeus' thunderbolts sound like a perfect blowback generation tool.

Iceland's Coast Guard sends the MP5s Back

No Up Arming 4u
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