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Headline Nudes - (07.31.15):

FL Police: Busy helping Narcotrafficantes as usual

Sounds no different than the heyday of cocaine. To be fair, the last time I was in Homestead, the airport still seemed plenty busy, if you get my drift.

Latest from the "Cops are Wusses" file

Imagine for a moment, a man threatening to hit you with a pole, who is in a wheelchair. He cannot move toward you as long as he holds the pole. There is little, if any threat here. Now imagine that you have a dozen of your friends with you. The man, who is in a wheelchair, regardless of the stick in his hand, becomes almost no threat whatsoever.

If talking to the man nicely, which most likely did not happen, was unsuccessful, simply walking behind him to grab the pole would have been simple. A couple of children could have taken the pole away from Zareck, yet it took 10 cops, 3 beanbag rounds, and a taser.

NYT: Parenting causes Traditional Behavior

Also finds that most men would like to spend more time with their children, but have to work too much. Sound familiar?

Turkey not Really gung ho for Killing ISIS

They've used their recent conversion to hating ISIS to kill more Kurds, leaving ISIS to Uncle Sucker.

Gary North debunks the latest "capitalism is dead" story

Like when I posted the original essay, I noted that it's errors were so obvious it was hardly worth refuting. Gary makes quick work of the article.

Italy Youth Unemployment at ATHs


Political Illustration

Cuban - US Trade decreasing after Diplomatic Thaw

Hilarious that the article blames Venezuela as crowding out US supply when they can't even stock their own grocery shelves in Maduro's "workers' paradise".
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