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Headline Nudes - (04.20.15):

Convenient: IS structure docs recovered from dead officer

Basically outlines an orwellian police state, albeit pathetic compared to what's going on in the western powers. I suspect this is propaganda; the tack might be changing from 'evil mooozlimz' to 'Hitlerites'.

Bernanke's new employer: QE3 a mistake

It's clear the only purpose for hiring him is to front-run the FED, since they clearly don't value his decision-making.

CIA: being absorbed into JSOC

The expansion of Murder, Inc.

Hilarious hit piece on Raimondo

From 2005, but still gold. Filled with outright lies and a clear lack of investigation into his actual views. A case study on hit pieces.

Chicago slow-motion bankruptcy continues

Junk bonds, booking future revenue as current and massive unexplained shortfalls. So, just like last year, but worse.

French Intel: NATO lying on Ukraine

Shocked, simply shocked

Missouri town elects black mayor, cops resign

I guess they saw the way the wind was blowing. Gotta peddle their thuggery elsewhere.

OKC: A Conspiracy Theory

FBI Hair Lab: Another Spike in the Federal Railroad

95% of DNA analysis from the lab was faked.

FedGov Worshippers: HTTPS is Hard

Let's go shopping!

SJW Authoritarianism: a result of social conditioning

Bingo. When all you hear is PC crap and fearmongering, this is what you get.

Greece raiding Local Govt. Coffers

Send it all to the central bank RIGHT NOW!! Not a stick up at all.

Unusually large and cold void found in Space

Even more perplexing, according to Frenk, is the fact that the supervoid can only account for about 10% of the Cold Spot’s temperature dip.
As usual, observations seem to reveal what little man knows about physics.

Piezoelectric antenna

Allows an antenna on a chip. Quite the idea.
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