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Headline Nudes - (10.31.14):

BoJ Doubles Down on the Ponz

Abe was not wrecking their economy fast enough, clearly.

BONUS: Russia hikes rates with interesting results so far.

Swiss Gold Initiative Organization Accounts Frozen

Gold == Terrorism to the NWO

Amnesty Intl: Ethiopia needs Humanitarian Intervention

Wow. That's a really dumb idea, but unsurprising considering the Hillary Clinton types in Amnesty.

DoD Thinks Ebola is Airborne

Would make sense, considering the rumours of this new one being a chimera of common cold and ebola. The "Bioweapon that got loose" conspiracy theory is going to be long-lived, to say the least.

Cocaine found on Insider's Cargo Ship

Deep state shenanigans busted by compartmentalized DEA types, or political retribution against Mitch McConnell? Hard to say.

WB7 Halloween Thread

Some good stuff in there.

Middle East Insanity Update

Patrick Cockburn puts it about as succinctly as he can with a headline of "Civil War without End."

More interesting Musings by Stanislav Mishin

The real question becomes: who will reach and who will grab Kiev first: Russia or Poland. For the Nazis either way mass extermination.

This Guy Gets it

The complexities described by Tainter which cause collapse are those that increase transaction costs, not lower them. Nobody minds when the intermediary merchant can provide lower prices than the consumer going direct to the producer, but when you've got a horde of leeches getting a 'cut' of the action just because they are 'entitled', you get eventual collapse. Interesting extras in the comments too.
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