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Headline Nudes - (07.22.14):

USA: World Domination Tour

I'm thinking that would make a good front side for a T-Shirt, this, of course being the back.

Gaza: Killing Continues

More pics here. The baying for blood just becomes shriller by the day. I think this is probably the most over the top.

BONUS: IDF deserves Nobel Peace Prize for the 'unimaginable restraint' they have been showing. Sounds about right, considering what the Nobel gets awarded for.


BONUS III: The Onion figures out the correct solution to the problem is not a 2-state solution.

CAtch 22 Lawn

Commiefornia just gets dumber by the day.

Veterans Today: Nukes used on 9/11

Looks like the designers of the weapons used have came out saying that this looked like something they built.

Ukraine certainly has been Deadly

Around 500 civvies, 1600 soldiers killed killed so far by the Ukrainians' estimation. Meanwhile, the Rebels just handed over the MH-17 dead and black box to Malaysian officials.


Corbett and Commenters on MH17

Good discussion here.

Febreze's Secret

It doesn't stop odors at all, it instead damages your sense of smell carcinogenically.

Wind Farms in the Sea: Also Seal Farms

Seals form a club to nom down on the fauna that grow around the base of the things.

The terrorists have won

See, they're surrendering!

Video of the Now

Massive butthurt.

The BRICS bank: A joke

Why I didn't report on this earlier -- Figured anything without gold involved had to be milquetoast.

UPDATE: Turkey also thinking about getting off the dollar dick ride?

Achtung: Money Market Funds getting the SEC hammer

If they think there's a 'time of stress' they can keep you from taking out your money. E.G. if interest rates rise (the whole point of getting a MMMF).

Another dead banker

This time a managing director of GS. Somebody has decided to start knocking out sharks teeth? Or is this internal enforcement?

Starfish Prime footage

Declassified finally. When they did it, they weren't sure whether they'd burn off the atmosphere or not, but that it was worth a try.

Will Grigg with another excellent column about the police

They don't work for you and me, they work at giving you wood shampoo from the elites.

Energy Beings

Bacteria that eat and excrete electrons. Hey Bill, get the fogger! I got an infection in my power lines. Somebody will now try to genetically engineer a biological computer.
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