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Headline Nudes - (08.01.14):

Man, quite the Dismal week of News

5,000 killed in Iraq over the last month, at least 1,400 killed in Gaza. Death tolls from Ukraine seem to still be a subject of coverup for the most part in the west, though RT covered the UN's report of around 1,100 being killed.

If that wasn't enough Good News...

Looks like Emory University over in GA has the first recorded Ebola patients in the USA in an isolation ward. Apparently they flew em in from Liberia (to study??). Kind of defeats the purpose of quarantine, doesn't it? The Rappaport articles linked in the comments are a good chaser, at least.

Ukraine Gold Exfiltration

It's probably been re-hypothecated into thin air within the vaults of the NY Fed by now.

Unintended Consequences now an E-Book

Free as in Freedom, as well! Huzzah.

Martial Law in Armada, MI

The name seems quite appropriate.

Sounds like Patrick Byrne need to talk to Reggie Middleton

Blockhain based stock markets sounds promising. BitShares, of course, is another obvious thing to look at here. Hadn't heard of NXT yet though.

Weed activist responsible for Brooklyn Bridge White Flags

Would have been even funnier if 420 cops were mobilized to deal with this 'threat'.

Times of Israel Pulls Op-Ed: ‘When Genocide Is Permissible’

Heil Hitler!
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