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Headline Nudes - (06.30.15):

Windows 10: Share your WiFi Password with Facebook


Stun Collars

Did you mean: Slave Collars?

Best Greek Situation update

That the market wasn't expecting this is hilarious. They will indeed be in for a surprise when Spain inevitably follows suit. TL;DR:
Bob the Builder can't even fix this shit

BONUS: Puerto Rico also broke.

Afghan War? Over? Surely you Jest

Can't stop, won't stop. Uh uh, uh uh.

Air force pilots confirm: F-35 a dog

Of course. Soviet planes from the 50s could beat that pile of trash.

Aussie politics "Infiltrated by Italian Mafia"

What else is new. They've been infiltrated by the CIA since the Nugan Hand incident.

New Mogambo

This time, hollering about that Thundering Bernanke Moron (TBM) for a change.

NSA: syping on almost all French firms

Remember, it's not to protect Americans, but to protect the NSA's crony firms.

Secret SuperFund Sites in NYC

People live there :D

Scaremongering about July 4 Terror Attack

Fear Dept's strategic partners need a crisis that they won't let go to waste.

Kops: Worried about the anti-government

Survey confirms what AJ and others have been saying for years. The target is Gun Owners, Libertarians, Tea Partiers and anyone else with a beef against the regime.

France: In dire straits in 2012

I didn't need the NSA to tell me that.

Yet another study confirms: Flouride doesn't reduce Cavities

No surprise

Bitcoin used by ISIS!!!!1

Oh noes
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