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Headline Nudes - (10.24.14):

The reaction in Canada to Terror: Patriot act

Cui Bono. This stinks to high heaven; this stuff is right out of GLADIO central casting.

Marketwatch AND NY Slimes publish anti-yellen piece

The MSM allows 2 pieces recognizing the fed as being the source of the inequality!?!?!! Impossible. This is a major disturbance in the force.

That said, the marketwatch piece is the better one of the two.

Former Plunge Protection team member: Yeah, we're defaulting

Through inflation. You'd think with all these truth bombs being dropped the slaves might start getting rowdy!

Political Illustration

Rikers: the Ivy league of crime colleges

MSM: Assad ISIS is using chemical weapons!

Like with Assad, the only way the USG would know is because they have the receipts from when they sold them to ISIS.

Is the Ebola outbreak CDC Mengele Science escaping the lab?

Would not be shocked at all. I'm just waiting to find out what creature skulking about the pentagon is the US' version of 'Chemical Ali'.

Anyways, this is some crazed general's fifedom; and the compartmentalized workers would be rationalizing this as 'making ebola less lethal'. Well, the problem with that is that less lethal means more virulent. Which means higher death tolls overall even with less killed per infection.

That sort of scenario fits with the president's ass-covering here -- he likely doesn't even know about the existence of most of these bureaucracies (how could you, there are so many) until they screw up in big and exciting ways.

Lead poisoning at the gun range

All the particulate shaved off in the act of firing builds up without the outdoors to dilute it. That graphic of how it comes out of the hammer and ejection chamber should make folks using DU pretty nervous, eh?

Dallas Presbyterian being avoided like the plague

I mean ebola (rimshot)

Assange: Hoodwinked by Google

Amazing how many self proclaimed "hackers" don't appear to have been paying any attention at all. Had he been reading 2600 all these years he would have figured them out as balls-deep in the MIC long ago.

CIA: Impersonating senate staffers to get torture report

I assume they used enhanced interrogation techniques along with their social engineering and hacking.

Ballot stuffing caught on tape

I like the brazenness of it.

USA: State of emergency since Carter

Congress is supposed to review it every 6 months, but they're too busy worrying about re-election. So Dick Cheney and the rest of the COG scum get a blank check to run things as they see fit. Neat deal, eh?
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