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Headline Nudes - (09.19.14):

Scot Independence Referendum defeated

I expected an outcome like this; exit polls were outlawed and they used electronic voting machines. So there's no way of knowing if the result was actually legit.

That said, this shows there is enough of the population interested enough in secession that when the UK economy really tanks and the dole checks bounce the 55% that supposedly prefer the devil they know will instead say that it couldn't be much worse being independent.

Put another way, they are a Michael Collins away from true independence.

UPDATE: Confirmed for shenanigans.

Much of this was also due to the Free Shit Army. That'll change when the dole and pension checks start bouncing.

An Iraqi's perspective

What’s happening in Iraq today is merely a continuation of the failure of democracy. And a failure of the United States to understand the psyche of Iraqis.

The people who might have been able to change Iraq — the educated, the artists, the moderates — began leaving in 1990, after the embargo was imposed and their comfortable lifestyles came to an end. People with connections fled to friends and family in other countries. Almost all of them left the country illegally.
Let this be a lesson to the 'lets bomb em' types. Capital destruction is not the way to create a modern liberal society. The reduced economic coordination implied by such a situation guarantees a society drawn up on tribal and sectarian lines.

School board rebellion

An interesting tale about missed opportunities.

NFL: No pro jesus shirt for you

Don't they know the place is a temple to Nike and Ares?

Lincoln Photobombed


AliBaba: the Newest Bunga Craze

It's called a bull market because it acts like a herd.
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