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Headline Nudes - (10.23.14):

FIB: Decrypt phones or else

Ripping off the mask

Pol casts vote for himself, e-voting machine 'corrects' his mistake

Did you mean to check the "tyranny" box? Fixed that for you :)

Dekalb County GA running massive water bill scam

A $3000 dollar water bill for normal usage is fine. SHUT UP CONSPIRACY THEORIST.

Political Illustration

If only they would lose control of their bowels on national TV

NSA: Rigging the economy

Guess who spent all his time day trading while in charge of the agency?

SCOTUS: sending folks to jail AFTER exoneration A-OK

Hell, it ain't even worthy of consideration! We're too busy figuring out whether to allow prisoners to trim their beards!

Whitehead has a good essay out today lambasting the gowned clowns for their cowardly jackboot licking.

Kops put Bonnie and Clyde death car to shame, killing innocent victim

Officer Safety = 600 bullet holes

BONUS: Call the suicide prevention hotline, get gunned down by a swat team.

BONUS II: Get arrested by cop after said miscreant reads statute explicitly stating your behavior is legal. Not being a slave on our Corvée plantation is disturbing the peace.

Gold taking the lead in Switzerland

You'd hope the advantage the yellow metal has over debt scams is self evident.

Judge in Ulbricht case doxed, threatened

I smell FBI

New windows driver bricking knockoff FTDIs

Yet another reason to leave M$ in the dust

Hungary taxing internet at $0.62/GB

Goodbye Hungarian Economy

Maximum Ebola hyperventilation achieved: Capitalism did it!

Somehow the MIC == capitalism. I'm guessing the argument isn't too persuasive, as too many have caught onto how the Mafia Mercantilism Murder Spree is a far cry from free markets.

BONUS: Nigeria's cure sounds worse than the disease:
Other countries at risk can learn from Nigeria's experience. They should be preparing themselves by creating rapid intervention teams and improving their surveillance systems... [emphasis mine]
The panopticon is loving!

Ponzi Event horizon: condemned house goes for $1.8million

Palo Alto really is the hot money vortex. I guess it will collapse into a portal to hell when the spigots run dry.

UPDATE: Speaking of hot money, it looks like $200bn is needed per quarter just to keep equities from dropping. This pretty much amounts to all the "growth" claimed by the government statisticians liars.

Speaking of collapse...

It'll take 400 million years of complete enslavement of Americans to pay off the debt. And that's not even thinking about the unfunded liabilities! That anyone even seriously talks about paying it down is a Joke.

In that way, Dick Cheney was right. When it's this bad, it doesn't matter. Why try to patch your ship when it's broken in half? Just let it sink already.

Blackwater found guilty of war crimes

I'd think that improves their prospects for future business.

Okinawa update: USG still running roughshod over locals

Why they haven't thought of secession yet is beyond me.

Speaking of Secession...

Guess who'd be better off without 49 other SSRs and a globe-spanning empire

USG: Spend $1bn to destroy $16bn in perfectly good ammo

Wouldn't want to actually help the public by releasing those stocks back on the market would we? Can't prop up crony firms that way, no sir.

It's too late to stop AGW!!!!1

Good! Can we start worrying about real problems now?

Chicago: reduce yellow light times by 100ms, get $8m in fines

It's for your safety! You can believe me, ho ho ho ho!

Sign language translator

Sounds handy! GET IT?

Socialists: $20 minimum wage for thee but not for me

More Equal

Bittorrent: Way faster than cloud crap

And you actually control your files. Imagine that. Why people use these centralized services in the first place is beyond me.

Antique instruments with ivory being siezed

Clearly this will stop ongoing poaching. The proceeds from these siezures will purchase time machines to kill Hitler and save the poor 100 years dead baby elephants.

On the bitcoin plantation

The startup clowns think a South Korea style Internet ID is awesome. Yeah, ID theft vectors like that are great if you're a misanthrope.
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