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Headline Nudes - (04.01.15):

Jade Helm comes to Denison

Not surprising, considering Grayson County Airport is one of the few civillian fields where you could both land C130s and not cause signifigant disruption to passenger traffic.

Herbal Medicine: whacks MRSA

Nothing new under the sun.

IRS E-File still a joke when it comes to infosec

It's a gaping hole that criminals are driving truckloads of ID theft through. The IRS doesn't give a damn, as it isn't affecting revenue, just who some of the booty is distributed to afterwards. As such, expect nothing to be done to address this.

Peruvian Prez deposed by congress

For using the intelligence services to blackmail political opponents -- e.g. what every intel service does everywhere, all the time. Maybe they'll have the kind of sense the Costa Ricans displayed when they disbanded their military and dispose of their intel organizations as well.

Ukie Jokes

Some are pretty good:
Sadly, everything Soviets told us about communism turned out to be a lie. Even worse, everything they said about capitalism turned out to be the truth!

Kiev. A guy is stuck in traffic, as usual. Suddenly there’s a knock on the window, some government official in a suit.

– What do you want?
= You see, terrorists just took the Cabinet of Ministers hostage, and are threatening to douse them all in gasoline and light them on fire if we don’t give them a million dollars in the next hour. There is obviously no way to get it through legislature this quickly, so we decided to do a collection among the drivers here.
– So how much did others give already?
= So far, about twenty gallons and a dozen lighters.

WB7 Knocks it out of the Park Today

Comments have best images.

"RoboCop" Nearly Kills a man for Running Red Light

You have 20 seconds to comply!

Police Murder Man in Vineland

Beat him to death, THEN sic the dog on him.


Some of the illustrations in this were lulz.

Spain to let the Sephardic Jews Back in

I guess the bankrupt Spaniards finally have need of some people with good business acumen. Considering the rapaciousness of the EU, I hope the Jews don't fall for it.

Iceland to outlaw FRB... in the Private Sector

So, outlaw it for all but central bankers. Yeah, that'll work.

Pepe Escobar Reports on Donbass

Pretty much as expected.

Oil Heir Dies of Terminal Butthurt

Best April 1 headline so far.

DeGrasse Tyson keeps Jumping the Shark

House Scientist keeps making an ass of himself.
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