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Headline Nudes - (01.29.15):

The latest in bailout news

Hot off getting $2bn from the treasury yesterday, the Ukies want another $3bn more. Also, the Greeks are seeing if the Russkies are willing to be the next suckers to prop up their insane welfare state.

Yahoo: now worth -$1bn

Heckuva job

SYRIZA leader: sounds reasonable

Until you read their party platform, that is.

Bags of ISIS flags spotted in Israel

Sounds like some enterprising Jew is probably making a good chunk of change. I doubt wahabbi crazies are too good at sewing flags.

Sterling Convicted

No, not that one, the whistleblower from a few years back.

Titanic Coverup?


Greece back on the Russia Hater Bandwagon

That was fast.
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